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Chuck’s Place: Thanks

We’re all heading down the same human highway together…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Thank you, human animal, for housing our tumultuous spirits. In this time of The Battle of the Titans, i.e., the clashing and thrashing of major belief systems, as reflected all around us every day it seems, the human animal continues, loyally, to bear the dictates and consequences of our wild spirits.

Often the animal in us, with its powerful instincts, is blamed for the excesses and extremes of human nature. But what animal engages in pornography, creates and gorges sugary concoctions, or cheats? The human spirit, with its desire and mental body, is the genesis of our material obsessions and excessive behaviors. The human spirit alone is responsible for the highest and lowest of our creations. The hands of the animal body merely obey the promptings of the dominant spirit, the human mind.

Thanks, as well, to the human spirit that has chosen this embodied life in time and space. With its consciousness it knows its days are numbered. This is the engine behind its boundless invention and exploration. Still a child, compared to its instinctive animal host, the human spirit, in its innocence, is driven by curiosity into infinite discovery.

The major discovery of now is the relativity of our world, how uniform belief systems are the building blocks that congeal our material world. And belief systems are the province of the spirit. We are forced now to discover and explore our spirit realm, as in our unconsciousness we have generated chaos. The key to material survival is responsibility at the spirit level now.

Fortunately, we are multidimensional beings. Indeed, we are watched over and guided by our spirit families beyond human form. Let us give thanks to those who continue to care for and guide us, though they be far removed from the ignorance and sentimentality of us in human form. May we do our best to contribute to our soul group’s greater exploration of infinity and beyond.

Thanks to Gaia, for inviting us, for tolerating us. The great changes of now reflect her transformation, though certainly we bear marked responsibility for her changed course. Nonetheless, her changes are driving, symbiotically, our own spirit maturity, as we are compelled now to face the truth of our own desires and mental illusions if we are to survive the mess we have created.

Thanks to the wholeness behind it all that decided to discover itself in the multitude of forms and possibilities we partake in. Indeed, we are all endowed with the active energy of infinity, no possibilities excluded. Thus, we must embrace evil as a fundamental permutation that must be explored. Of course, love remains the overarching all-inclusive truth. Love is greater than evil because it accepts it. Evil always requires an enemy.

Though we must limit and destroy it, we ought to give thanks to evil itself. Evil is the change agent, the destroyer of forms. Where would we be without the change of seasons? How long could we be in paradise before boredom would set in? Our curiosity, the hallmark of our spirit, must journey on, or be dammed in the inferno of changelessness. Evil’s excesses must be checked, but the truth is that evil forces us into new life.

Thanks to reason, that which allows us all to be the scientists performing the experiments of our lives. May reason humbly accompany us, as we wake up to our greater interconnected spiritual essence. And may our reasoned conclusions chart our future course, once our obsession with armageddon has burned itself out.

Thanks to love, which grows and refines, and allows us to know and be one with us all, no exclusions.

With thanks and gratitude, and love to all, no exclusions,


Soulbyte for Thursday November 23, 2017

Giving Day, a day of giving, with thanks that you are alive to give to others in a meaningful way, that you are free and capable of feeling your heart centeredness, the place from where all true giving originates. Let your giving heart express how it wishes, with the kindness and graciousness that lie at its core, asking for nothing in return. That is being a true giver, and that is something to be thankful for, just being able to give. Happy Thanksgiving!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Day in a Life: Three Signs

I have to make a decision. Before I fall asleep I ask for guidance. I dream. Guidance comes in my dream, repeated over and over again. I can’t deny its rightness.

Nonetheless, in the morning I struggle, so I turn to another oracle, the Tarot. I ask for guidance as I shuffle the deck and, spreading it fanlike over my heart, I pull a card. The card I pull succinctly and powerfully corroborates the dream guidance I’d received the night before. I know what to do; yet I still hesitate.

I must make a major decision that I know will impact my life, perhaps more than imaginable. I cannot help myself. I turn to yet another source of guidance. I ask my question as I flip through the pages of the I Ching. I let the book fall open. Once again, there is my answer, the same one.

Now I know I must go the next step, but before I do I take my three answers, the same and yet from different sources, and I meditate until they sit inside me, firmly planted, my intent set. It feels right.

Into the fire

Without planning to I make my move at the moment of shift from one astrological sign to another. I climb out of the deep well of contemplative Scorpio and step onto fiery ground, into the sign of Sagittarius, into the unknown. I must continue my earthly journey, on a quest for greater knowledge, awareness, and meaning. It’s all that matters. It’s right.

We all have much to deal with as we take big steps in our lives. But once we know the undeniable truth we cannot sit quietly. Our body, psyche, and spirit will not leave us alone until we face what we must, and they will not desert us either. They will bring us the gifts we need to take our rightful journeys.

We live in truth-speaking times. We must all dare ourselves to seek our own truths and then take them to a new level. It isn’t enough to simply know the truth. The energy of now asks us to act on what we know, to dare ourselves to transform our inner world and our outer world. That’s what I’ve done with an important issue in my own life.

I am calmly present now, though I sit in the fire. Fire is energy that will not stop. I wait for what comes next. It will be what I need.

As I watch the students on the campus of UC Davis getting pepper sprayed I am sick to my stomach, and yet I personally know what horrific things people can do to others. And yet I also know that the intent the students have set and act upon is so right. They too are making radical yet deeply significant decisions. The night they silently sat and watched as the UC Davis chancellor walked out of a meeting was chilling—their silence more powerful than the aggressive, abusive action of the campus police. This is the energy of now. It asks us all to be as brave as those young students, to calmly act on what is so right.

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, I offer thanks to the movements that will not stop what is right, no matter what comes to thwart the truth. I experience deep gratitude for those who dare to face their personal inner struggles, and a prayer that they may find the certainty that their journey matters as much as the journey the world now takes, for they offer energy to the entire movement of change. I salute my fellow human beings who dare to face the oppressor and say, no, not anymore.

We live in times of great change and I am thankful that I get to be a small part of it. I am thankful for the three signs I recently received that offered me the vision of certainty that I most needed at the moment. I wish that all may receive such visions of certainty and dare to take the next steps on their personal journeys.

It’s the time of fire. Let it burn through all doubt and denial, through the blockages and obstacles that will invariably appear. Let it clear the way for new growth. Even as we head more deeply into this season of change, we are not lacking in energy. It’s not really asleep; in fact it burns quite brightly.

The signs of change are all around us. Happy Thanksgiving!