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A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Sun Spirit


The morning sun urges us all to wake up!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We begin the week with a nice Soulbyte, posted earlier this morning, and this channeled message. It’s all about nurturing our spiritual selves with a daily practice as easy as taking in the lessons of the sun’s rising and setting. Practical advice for the beings that we all are, of both nature and spirit.

Have a wonderful week!

Soulbyte for Monday February 27, 2017

Moon and sun, stars and planets, the mysteries of the skies offer anchoring and guidance even though they are far distant, for they show the cyclical nature of what is, how things begin anew, grow and come to fruition before coming to a natural fading away and finally an end. Yet all the while the stars tell us not to be afraid, for they are always there, twinkling through the darkest night, little beacons of hope and strength.

New moon energy and the rising sun, good beginnings are possible today. Stay anchored to that. As the sun and moon play out their eternal relationship in perfect harmony know that all is possible, even the seemingly impossible!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Living Symbols

Moon energy…
-Art by Jan Ketchel

The crescent and the cross are potent opposing symbols of our time. I recently hung a “coexist” flag in my yard containing both the crescent and the cross. Suddenly, a neighbor put out a flag with just a cross!

The crescent is associated with Islam and the cross with Christianity, but these symbols are far more ancient than either of those religions.

The crescent is a phase of the moon herself where she displays her receptive womb from which issues all manifested life. The cross is the most ancient representation of the sun’s rays, the masculine generative principle that together with its feminine lunar counterpart symbolizes the yin/yang, body/spirit, feminine/masculine components of all life.

In our time, like the crescent and the cross, the feminine and masculine are deeply estranged. This estrangement is fairly well expressed by our golden sunray-haired President’s attitude toward all things feminine, from Mother Earth to the body of woman. He typifies the current yin/yang configuration of our planet. Yang—masculine consciousness—is dominant now, yet also highly suspicious of and afraid of yin. Symbolically the dominant cross seeks to keep the crescent contained and outside its borders.

Within the human personalities of men and women the crescent and the cross are clearly operative. For women, the crescent dominates in the binding of her nature to the moon cycle. The sun, her independent mental consciousness, often appears in her inner man figure, her animus of her dreams. For men, the mind/spirit/sun/cross dominates, with his emotional moon anima recessively active in the background of his psyche and his moods.

Both sexes are challenged at this time with contending with the same wave of yang/cross dominance, which is impacting all psyches. All mental, planned activity, issues from yang. In our current world configuration, yin, the body and its instinctual nature, is at the mercy of an overly dominant yang.

This dominant yang attitude is easily demonstrable in men who often override the needs of the body, or the earth, in favor of securing for themselves and their kin. For women this internal dominance of masculine energy may be evidenced in a pressured mental plan to meet needs or secure what one feels entitled to. Thus a woman might find herself at odds with her own feminine nature as her masculine self pressures her to do its bidding.

Both sexes might notice an activation of crescent/cross symbols in their dreams, as the unconscious uses these powerful ancient symbols to both guide conscious attitudes and compensate for them.

These living symbols of our time are showing us the energetic configuration we are currently dealing with, within ourselves and outwardly as expressed in mass movements. We are all feeling their impact in some way.

These extraordinary times beckon for crescent/cross reconciliation. I would encourage everyone to draw these living symbols, color them, find ways to express them that may safely lead them into a new harmony, for it is only in achieving harmony, within and without, that peace will come.



Soulbyte for Monday February 20, 2017

The moon hangs out waiting for the sun to rise, two opposing forces sharing the same space, one bringing the light of day the other lighting the night. As different as they are they bring the same thing, the light of consciousness to human existence. Without the light you could not see what is really at work all around you in the world or fully know what is inside you either. Keep your light shining, especially within the self so that you may fully know the self and so that you may find your way always to what is good and fair, loving and kind. For though you contain the dark you also contain the light, two opposing forces within the self seeking each other’s company so that you may know all that you are. Seek the light even in the darkest of times.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

The Monogamy Dialogues: Projectile Dysfunction

The projections we launch into our partners are the greatest cause of dysfunction in relationships, indeed, these alone can be the cause of erectile dysfunction itself!

The manly sun…
– Art by Jan Ketchel

Both men and women have masculine and feminine sides within themselves, perhaps best symbolized by the sun and the moon.

For instance, suppose a man expects his sexual desire to be as instant as the sun itself that rises, fully, each day. However, inwardly, his inner woman—that is his anima, the feminine side of a man—may in fact be in a phase of her feeling cycle where she simply isn’t immediately responsive to his conscious sun-driven erotic intent.

This man, unaware of his true inner feeling state of non-readiness for sex, is likely to look over at his partner and “see” or project onto her, his inner anima, as lacking any erotic interest in him.

“You never approach me to have sex, I always have to initiate,” he might despairingly utter. “I don’t think you desire me physically.”

These could be his challenges to his partner. Of course, if there were any desire on the partner’s side, or an openness to exploring possibly having sex, this approach likely kills that possibility. Further, if the couple then tries to force coitus in this dysfunctional relational state, it is indeed likely that the penis itself might choose to go on a flaccid strike and ED, erectile dysfunction, ensues.

Women are very much under the influence of the waxing and waning of the moon, which corresponds to the menstrual cycle with respect to feelings, moods, desires, and physical comforts/discomforts. Women also have an inner man—the animus, the masculine side of a woman—who functions on the mental plane in the background of her psyche.

This inner man might take the form of a warrior who protects his woman. Perhaps this woman in the example above is preoccupied with the dark side of the moon in her emotional cycle, definitely not interested in sex,  just wanting to  remain innerly with her mood. Unbeknownst to her, and in her defense, her animus might launch into a critical attack upon her partner when he suggests she’s not interested in sex.

“You didn’t text me all day, I guess staying connected isn’t that important to you,” she might pose. “Seems like the only time you listen to me attentively is when you think there’s a chance for sex.”

These kinds of preemptive “attacks” are likely to accomplish keeping her partner at bay while embroiling the two in a standoff.

Alternatively, a woman’s animus may decide to override her true emotional and physical state with the intention of pleasing her partner. This sets up an inner civil war, as her dominant feminine nature will not be happy at being coerced into having sex. Her feminine nature might shut down her receptivity and sexual sensitivity, resulting in being unable to climax. She might project disappointment onto her partner for being unable to please her or she might sink into a depression at her own failure to “perform.” Here we have the feminine version of ED.

In men, the masculine sun dominates—things are either black or white, on or off. Men’s thinking seeks total clarity and knowing. This kind of thinking happens at any time, is not subject to the tides or the phases of the moon. However, deep within himself a man is very influenced by the phases of the moon. Often his female partner senses this and has to manage his moods on a daily basis, though he himself might characterize himself as completely rational, unaware of the influence of his emotions upon his life.

Moon woman…
– Art by Jan Ketchel

Similar to a man, a woman is very much under the influence of her own inner man, with his hidden plots to protect, attack, or manipulate life through his own mental processes. Just as a woman might easily recognize the power of a man’s mood, which she has to manage, a man is often likewise aware of the intractable thinking of his partner in the part of herself that she is unaware is so dominant in her own psyche.

The ability to recognize and take responsibility for one’s self, including the contrasexual elements, the anima and animus, by working on them on an inner level before they explode outwardly and take over a relationship, clears the confusion that leads to dysfunction in relationships. With projectiles disarmed, true connection is possible. Sun and moon meet within each partner who then can meet in real union.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chuck & Jan