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Chuck’s Place: A Break in Continuity

The coming of night affords a natural break in continuity…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Most simply defined, the quality of our mental health reflects the degree of continuity we can maintain as our known selves, the familiarseparate human beings that we are. Familiarity rests upon a predictable world and a predictable self that interacts with that world. When our normal expectations of ourselves and the world are disrupted, our security and sanity are threatened, as reflected in psychiatric symptoms in response to this break in continuity.

Our notion of ourselves as separate beings traces back to the birth of consciousness, or the coming online of our ego. In biblical terms, this was the moment we were separated from the Garden of undifferentiated wholeness, Eden, and were cast into the world as separate, thinking beings, capable of our own decision making.

Alienated from our true energetic oneness with everything, where knowledge of what was right to do came as unthinking knowing—what the Shamans of Ancient Mexico call silent knowledge—our orphaned separate selves were challenged to find a way to successfully navigate life.

Thus began our history as thinking human beings, alienated from our original connection to direct silent knowledge. Knowledge obtained through thinking is grounded in rational cause and effect, observation and interpretation. Direct knowledge is channeled from the source through our greater energetic self, whom we lived more fully and intimately before the fall.

Ego, as a defined separate self, creates boundaries to ensure its unique integrity. These boundaries have the secondary effect of severing the ego’s connection to its greater energetic self, which lacks such defined boundaries. As a separate self, ego is constantly focused on its own importance as the means to maintain its integrity as a functional unit.

Nonetheless, the cynic in all of us sees through the falseness and limitations of the persona, or mask, that ego presents to the world. Underneath it all, ego is a fragile, inadequate part of the self, trying to hold its own in the world. Hence, its constant obsession with self-worth, self-esteem, and the positive attention of others, in order to bolster its fragile existence.

Our evolutionary destiny is driving us to regain our wholeness, the energetic self we left in the garden. To get there, we must break from our obsession with maintaining the self-important defense of our ego as a superior separate entity. In essence, we are all being called now to break the continuity of our ego’s stand as the one and only self.

Trauma could be defined as a break in the ego’s continuity, which forces it to confront the irrationality of power exercised beyond a rational world. Trauma levels ego; ego is completely humbled by a rupture that transcends its ability to assimilate. Lucky are those who have had the opportunity that trauma affords! And yet, we are all confronting the trauma of now!

The full assimilation of traumatic experience requires fluidity, the ability to go with the flow of what is or was, not the limits of what the ego expects the world to be. Healing, for the ego, requires an expanded ability to acknowledge power and forces that exist beyond its rational expectations.

Achievement of this expanded ego state is fundamental to ego discovering its true home, as an energetic being, first, and as a separate solid being, second. Ego is then positioned to accompany its energetic foundation on journeys in this world, and beyond, with access to the full library of silent knowledge.

Our time might be defined as a major break in continuity. Our world leaders are tricksters, who are unapologetically rupturing our expectations, throwing us into the thrill and the chaos of a tidal wave of unpredictability. From this perspective, they function like teacher shamans, recklessly opening a door, exposing us to our fuller energetic reality.

At the same time, they threaten the stability of mental health, which is dependent on a predictable world. And we see the casualties of this break in continuity in the shootings that abound daily. We are confronted with a collective PTSD of a world ego under fire. Nonetheless, healing can only be achieved by ego achieving the fluidity needed to navigate the greater energetic world that transcends rationality.

Our trickster leaders, ironically, mirror our greatest stumbling block to achieving that needed fluidity: self-importance. In fact, world leadership boldly embodies its separatist self-important superiority, ego’s greatest defense. We could say, that our leaders both deliver the punch and mirror the culprit that must be transcended if our ego is to truly find its way back to the garden of its energetic oneness with everything.

We have no choice now but to ride this train of break in continuity, as that train has already left the station without brakes. Change the metaphor, to that of the Tao, of the river that flows. Rather than try to push the river, as the ego used to do, become a riverwalker, one who knowingly walks with the flow.



A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Valley of Darkness & Mountain of Light


On the other side is the light…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Greetings! This week’s audio channeling challenges us all to work our way out of where we are so that eventually we end up as a “Riverwalker,” fluidly navigating life, able to enter all worlds and yet mostly residing between them, in our natural earthly state. It’s all about being in Tao.

Wishing everyone a wonderfully productive week!

#390 Be Riverwalkers

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to guide us as we begin a new week?

Consistency is now called for as you walk your path alongside the flowing river. Be Riverwalkers, as I have often recommended. It is not time to become overly confident or strongly opposed to anything that might come to wake you up. In order to flow with your life, with consistency, is it most necessary to remain calmly balanced and steady in your chosen direction of resonance.

Do not look for outer energy to calm down soon, but do look for it to push you, confront you, and ask you to stay alert. Your job, as Riverwalkers, is to acknowledge the outer energy without getting caught by its disturbing and often destructive impulses. Do not sit and weep upon the shores of a river gone wild, but observe that now is the river in such a state of total abandon to the energy because it is necessary for the river to shift and disrupt its own course.

Remark upon the world around you; observe it, learn from it, and take in what you must in order to grow. Engage in the energy that resonates, keeping your intent focused on good, on growth, and on the evolutionary potential for all mankind.

During this time of current turmoil, of energetic flow that may not be quite resonant with what you most desire, so do I ask that you consider your own pace, your own progress, and your own thoughts, actions, and deeds. Are you living the life of a good and energetically aligned individual? Are you learning what it means to hold good intentions? Are you learning what it means to understand compassionate love?

These times of turmoil, which often pull you outside of your self, drawing you to notice so much of the world outside of you, are good balancing times. Allow your focus to reflect inward now, even as you are eager to experience the excitement and the possibilities of change and transformation outside of you. Seek inner calm, inner balance, and the inner steadiness that you so admire in others, so that your walking life along the banks of the river of energy may be one that is well taken, well utilized, and well learned.

Your time upon that earth grows in meaning each day, but it is not until your recapitulation is well underway that you will learn your true purpose. You may have to engage in many activities before your true focus is achieved, and this is good. Do not scold your self for your lack of direction, or your inability to find a focus. For as life progresses, with you following its energetic flow, so will you find your true place, if you continually recapitulate your life thus far lived. I cannot overstate the necessity of recapitulation, nor the deep inner satisfaction you will achieve in discovering and understanding the truth of who you are, why you are, and where you are going.

As I suggest walking beside the energy that teases and tests, as a Riverwalker, so do I also suggest that constant recapitulation and seeking of resonant energy should also become your focus. In order to truly grow, to maintain health in mind, body, and inner spirit self, so is truthful balance always a good idea.

So as you now begin a new week, that may continue to be fraught with energetic turmoil, confusion, and disruptions to nag at you and seek your attention, so do I suggest that you maintain your image of self, walking calmly. Remain steady upon your path, with growth, evolution, and completion of your life as meaningful and full of purpose uppermost in your intent. Continue to learn the truths of the self in relation to you and the outer world in resonance, in balance, and in compassionate living.

This is good advice, if I do say so myself! Continue to be my loving Riverwalkers. Continue to grow, to discover who you are, why you are there, and for what purpose. It may not be what you think, but it may be more than you could ever imagine, if you do the work of the true self. Seek the true self in all that you do and you will have utilized your time and the energy well.