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Soulbyte for Thursday November 1, 2018

Sometimes it is best to refuse the energy of the collective, the outside energy that builds momentum and mindlessly attacks. You might not even realize that it is this that has a grip on you. It isn’t always your fault, your problem, your failure. Sometimes there’s just too much outside pressure. In such instances, turn inward, regroup within the self and determine to stay centered calmly within, heart centered, whole and individual. Sometimes it’s better to be a solitary being, contained and protected from that which seeks a landing place. Refuse it by maintaining peacefulness and calmness within. Maintain your good self, your soul self, your wholeness. Maintain always your loving intentions.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Message from Jeanne: Pull Inward

Center in your own wholeness... Art by Jan Ketchel
Center in your own wholeness…
Art by Jan Ketchel

Since I am not writing a blog this week I offer instead a channeled message to start off the weekend. It’s pretty helpful and calming. It might even be a good idea to listen to it frequently over the next few days as a reminder to stay grounded and centered.

The energy of now is certainly testing us all!

Offered with humbleness and gratitude, and wishing you all good luck!