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Chuck’s Place: Seeing & Being Seen

I Ching: What is the guidance for all in this time of great disarray?

Seeing the Present & the Future…
– Diagram by Chuck Ketchel

As can be readily seen, the first four throws produced highly charged Yin Lines, topped with two solid Yang lines.

The image generated is one of a large tower on a mountain that captures a wide view of the countryside. Likewise, it is easily seen from a great distance. Thus, the image urges developing a broad perspective, as well as being a good example for all to see.

The four activated building blocks of the tower’s supporting columns (represented by the X marks) offer nuanced guidance and turn into their opposites, as they become the Primal Spirit: The Creative, hexagram #1. These four lines highlight the necessary progressive changes required before one steps into directing their power effectively. Their individual guidance, in the order of their position, as follows:

  1. Contemplation hindered by immaturity. A shallow, thoughtless view of prevailing forces hinders effective leadership. Counsel encourages growing up and accepting responsibility. Contemplate the fuller picture of the interconnected whole.
  2. One looks out only through the crack of the door, a narrow one-sided point of view. This is the narcissistic perspective that relates everything to oneself. Guidance: dispassionately widen your horizon. Tolerate and strive to understand and value the views of others.
  3. Place of transition. Going to the heart center to receive guidance from the high Soul as to right action. This is ego moving beyond blame and one-sidedness, seeking inner truth.
  4. Time for action. Being in alignment with the deepest truth, ego acts in accordance with the true needs of the interconnected whole.

Once these issues are addressed, allowing one to penetrate the objective truth and take the necessary actions to support that truth, one becomes seen and experienced by others as an example to be followed, as they contemplate the truth of their own lives. The tower that affords the broadest view is the healing model for all.

With the strength afforded by surmounting the limitations to objective contemplation, one is fortified to direct the dynamic Spirit energy of the Creative, the life force itself. This is the optimal arrangement, a mature, broadminded leader who directs the life force toward the true needs of the interconnected whole.

The Creative is the active side of infinity. What’s at question is how that energy will be directed. As shamans point out, the life force can be directed toward good or evil deeds. Both can be manifested on a grand scale. Leadership that contemplates the true needs of the interconnected self, and the interconnected universe, is best fit to direct the power of the Creative.

Contemplate with humility, objectivity, and equanimity from the heart center, as you direct the creative force of your life and assess the intent of others.




Chuck’s Place: Water & Wind

I consult the I Ching, one of my favorite oracles, for guidance as we pause in the destructive wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The I Ching first delivers Hexagram #48, the Well.

Nature’s lessons, water & wind…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The central feature of this hexagram is the pure water that springs from the earth’s depths to nourish all life. In the plant kingdom nature provides roots to trees and plants to channel this vital resource to sustain life. In the human species this archetype manifests in the building of the well that then serves to deliver this resource to support life in human communities.

Emphasis is placed on the quality of construction of the well as well as the social structure needed to maintain its purity, balanced use, and sustainability. I receive a moving line in the 6th place, actually a quite favorable line. In essence, the message is: the truth flows freely; now it’s up to us to decide what to do with it. ¬†Like water raised in a bucket from the depths of the well, the truth is the life-sustaining spring water message of nature, raised to the level of full consciousness.

What are the truths that now flow freely in the flooded waters of these hurricanes? Global warming, climate change, is a fact. The rise in temperature of ocean waters is fuel to hurricanes that are becoming increasingly powerful and destructive. Can we acknowledge this fact, and take actions to change the warming trend?

The social structure that embraces unlimited growth as its imperative results in overpopulation that strains nature’s resources. As well, the high concentration of industrial complexes, with their toxic stores, threaten the purity of natural resources and the ability to sustain life.

These are broader truths presented to our collective species. On an individual personal level the I Ching is telling us that the facts, the changes we need to make in our personal lives, are presenting themselves to us quite clearly. The confusion or ambivalence we ordinarily feel is lifted now; the truth is that we know what we need to do, what is right.

Perhaps these truths are being clarified through symptoms in our bodies, our physical nature, that point to needed changes. Perhaps the messages are delivered from our spirit nature through the powerful emotions or insights we are receiving. Perhaps our truths are manifesting synchronistically in the events manifesting in the events of our personal lives that dramatize obvious need for change.

These truths are staring us in the face. In fact, the I Ching gives the follow-up, Hexagram #57, the Penetrating Wind, to further drive home its point. The wind is the penetrating influence that breaks up the thick clouds that block the truth. These deeply penetrating hurricane winds have been relatively sparing of human life so far, but devastating to the environments that have sustained them.

Nature is asking humans to penetrate the truths revealed. The well represents our modern governance of life’s most precious resource, pure drinking water. We are clearly being humbled, but not destroyed. We must heal our divide by considering the true needs of our planet, by being willing to sacrifice our power and special interest drives in the service of survival. To survive we must respect and uphold the vital balance nature requires to sustain life.

In the hologram of our individual lives we are being shown that the truths we must acquiesce to, to bring ourselves into sustainable balance, are abundantly evident now. The eclipse has passed, the storms have revealed the truths.

Time to penetrate the facts and forge a plan of action. Like the rebuilding of devastated communities progress will be slow but deliberate, but can be built now upon a secure foundation of truth.

The great changes we must make in our individual lives are upon us. Nature in some form has prepared the way for them, what awaits is consciousness to align with and be nourished by the pristine, spring water truths freely flowing to us now.

The truth flows freely; what will we do with it?

Flowing with the changes,