Soulbyte for Thursday January 12, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Life’s lessons are often presented in abrupt form but more often than not in repeated form, in repetitive behaviors, do-overs, or vague wanderings that lead nowhere. When lessons come in abrupt ways, such as a major jolt that shifts you out of your comfort zone, look with awe at how life is knocking you over the head. When lessons come in repetitive ways look with equal awe at how life expects you to wake up and find a new path. Whether abrupt or repetitive, life’s lessons yearn to be embraced, for they are showing you the way that your Soul wants to go, a new path of your evolution, asking you to step up to a new phase in Earth School, to advance to a new level. And of course you are up to the challenge. What choice do you really have?

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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