Soulbyte for Thursday December 1, 2022

-Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Let not fear, complacency or habit keep you from greater exploration, experience and expression of life. Find a happy medium where nothing rules or overrules you but everything has its place. Turn inward more often to achieve the balance you so desire. Turn on your creativity and allow it a place in your life so that you are actively participating in a way that is nurturing to your soul. You have so much you want to do, say and create. Why not just do it? What have you got to lose? The only loss is to yourself, in the loss of your self-expression, and such loss inhibits your growth and explorative possibilities. It might just be time to go full force into that which you really want to do, for your own sake this time.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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