Soulbyte for Tuesday July 27, 2021

Beware of the tendency to forget that you are half spirit, that your spirit self is just as important as your body self and that it needs equal time for rest and work, play and entertainment. Keep your spirit self in good attunement. Pay attention to it, feeding it and nurturing it, exercising it and keeping it in good shape, just as you do with your body self, for both are equally important on your journey through life. And there is only one that you will take with you when you leave, so get to know it now, your eternal self that desires to live and learn, to grow and evolve in all the good ways that you dream of for your physical self. Equal time, equal attention will create the balance your body and spirit so desire as they seek to live in harmony.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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