Soulbyte for Wednesday April 7, 2021

Be aware of how easily the mind can slip into an old routine, how easily an old habit can pop up, how the slightest hint of an old nostalgia can trigger an old desire. But as easily as the mind can slip back into an old place so can your spirit slip in and tell you a different story, give you a different idea, shift you into a different state. When the mind conjures call upon the spirit. Find it in a deep breath, in a heart centered, loving thought of a new day’s unfolding and all the possibilities it holds. As the sun rises let its light shift you into a creative, loving and kind place. Think of someone else with kindness and compassion, let the old conjuring mind go, and move onward now. It’s the most responsible thing to do, for self and other, but do it with love in your heart and all will be well.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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