Just a Bag of Bones

What is this body that we are so attached to but a mere bag of bones. When the life force leaves a body, what is left is just that, a bag of bones. Yet we spend our lives and our energy totally attached to the bag of bones that we identify as “Me.”

We are, in reality, so much more than that. As Robert Monroe has taught so many explorers of higher consciousness: “You are more than your physical body.”

Our life force, our spirit energy, though it resides inside our bag of bones finds ways to also leave it, to go beyond it and explore. Exploits outside of our bag of bones happen most naturally and most familiarly at night, when we dream. We all dream, even if we can’t remember doing so. Thus, we’ve all had experiences of our selves as spirit energy alone, sans bag of bones.

So many things can hold us back from uninhibitedly experiencing our spirit energy. To fully appreciate such experiences, to be able to engage in them with our full awareness, we need to be freed of our fears, our incessant internal dialogue, our traumas, our sexual abuse, our judgments, and anything else that might hold us back from further exploration of the many and varied spiritual possibilities we all hold within us.

Recapitulation is one means by which to rid ourselves of the things that hold us back from greater enjoyment of life, from spiritual exploration, and from understanding the knowledge and wisdom that our spirit might present us with.

During recapitulation, our spirit helps us to recall and relive past events while simultaneously keeping us grounded in our bodies, that bag of bones that we love so much, or hate so much, or just can’t seem to reconcile with.

As we recapitulate, old beliefs about ourselves are stripped away. Our energy is freed from where it has been stuck; in memories, in all those old beliefs about ourselves, in entanglements with the energy of others, in pains, regrets, resentments, self-pity, judgments, etc.; the list is endless.

In the process we learn to trust our spirit, that part of ourselves that is so eager to explore beyond the physical body, that just can’t wait to show us what we are really made of—energy! Our own spirit then becomes our greatest teacher and guide, and we come into our wholeness.

As we lose our fears and discover that we are really energetic beings, we become fluid and fearless explorers, in-body and out-of-body. But best of all, we become loving beings, fully happy in our bag of bones.

Sending you love,

J. E. Ketchel, Author of The Recapitulation Diaries

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One thought on “Just a Bag of Bones”

  1. Interesting,

    Yet I must say that in my perspective NOT all dreams are of course out of body dreams, or at least the spirit remains contacted to bodily sensations. this is why food in my dreams must often taste so bad, it’s usually because my body is refluxing and thus I have a bad taste in my mouth and then dream of bad food.

    This is why I actually think that normal dreams are actually some sort of dialog caused by this “bag of bones” and for that reason they cannot be usually affected in conscious way. It’s often related to distant memories, and the people in dreams are people from public school or something like that, so that reveals what is in the subconscious record of the “bag of bones”.

    But surely it must also be so, that some dreams are more out of body, or at least influenced by the spirit world instead of physical world.

    I suppose this bag of bones still deserves praise as well, I see it as a form, a state of physical living.

    I’m reading this blog because I’m interested in recapitulation, because of constant unease, and feeling lost in some way that would take many words to try to describe.

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