Soulbyte for Wednesday October 16, 2019

True maturity entails taking full responsibility for the self. It entails taking who you are, what you got in this life, and molding it into shape, into a shape that you can fully embrace, respect, and love. True maturity means detaching from that which first molded you so that you may mold yourself anew, into that which is truly you. True maturity involves letting the self do this and letting others whom you mold and whom have molded you do this as well. In the end everyone gains, because everyone matures into full responsibility for themselves, into beings having taken on the full task of making something of life. Go and let go with encouragement, with high expectations for self and others. With impeccability and good intentions, take on the task of maturing, knowing that it is the fullest expression of love, for self and other, and that it is the true and noble work of a lifetime.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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