Soulbyte for Thursday October 3, 2019

A warrior prepares for the inevitable. At the same time a warrior is light of heart, bright of humor, aware of the beauty of every moment, for a warrior knows that the only thing that matters is now. A warrior keeps attention on what is happening in the present but remains always aware that the present can shift at any moment, that things can change in an instant. And so, a warrior learns how to be fluid, to go with the flow and yet remain always the impeccable warrior, seemingly without fear though fear may be present, seemingly without need though needs may be great, seemingly without attachment though attachments may exist. For a warrior is always impeccably focused on what comes next, that inevitable something. Go with the flow and wear a warrior’s glow; love in your heart, light in your eyes, and brightness in your mind!

Sending you love and light,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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