Soulbyte for Monday September 30, 2019

A warrior assumes full responsibility for all that happens. A warrior is never a victim but looks instead for the lesson in everything. For a warrior knows that everything is meaningful and that all that occurs in life is meant to provide wisdom, guidance, and insight. A warrior finds the light in everything, even in the darkest of times. A warrior discovers that a path of heart is the most important path to take and thus a warrior pursues that path of heart at all times, taking responsibility for all decisions and actions, making sure nothing is left unfinished. A warrior moves on unencumbered by regret, resentment, or reprisal of any sort, for a warrior knows that to truly travel a path with heart one must be free, thus a warrior knows that a path of heart is a path of freedom.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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