Soulbyte for Friday August 30, 2019

When something ends it signals the beginning of something new, a change about to happen, a new phase about to begin. An ending is a new springboard, an offering of a next step, the next fork in the road. Look forward to endings as much as you look forward to beginnings because they are as full of hope and promise, pointing the way to something new. Revel in the mysteries of life as much as you do the clarities, for in the mysteries lie the lessons, the discoveries, the roads to enlightenment. Allow yourself to bask in the freedom of change, for isn’t that what life is really all about, change? See each day for what it is, the next new step on your journey through life, pointing you toward your next answer, your next big awakening; another opportunity to do things differently. May love and kindness both follow you and guide you always, on each new step of your journey.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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