Soulbyte for Thursday June 27, 2019

Suspend judgment and let your mind be silent. Still its thoughts, quiet its incessant chatter. In fact, just don’t think. Let your spirit take over instead. Rather than be guided by old ideas, thoughts, and judgments of yourself and what you think you can and cannot do or be, let your spirit show you who you truly are. Be open and trusting that your spirit has only your best in its intentions, that it truly knows what you need. Just as you have been learning to trust that your body knows what it needs and how to take care of it, that it has a mind of its own, trust your spirit in this manner too. Body and spirit and you, what better combination could there be? And what is the “you” in that mix? You are the energy of consciousness, awareness, knowledge, and wisdom. You are your own body and spirit, but also far more than that. For you are all that you are and all that you can be, present oneness and future oneness. You are your own potential, your own fulfillment, the totality of you, and you carry it all within. So, suspend the judging mind for a while and tap into all of that, and then see what happens!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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