Soulbyte for Monday May 20, 2019

You know your demons so well, but what about your angels? Have you forgotten about them? What about your goodness? What about your loveliness? What about your helpers? Have you forgotten about all that? Your demons may rule, but your angels have their own powers and promises, and their own agendas. Pay more attention to your angels. While you have been busy playing with your demons, your angels have been waiting patiently for you to remember them. They are your other side; the light, the magic, the dreams inside you. While you so easily accept the gifts of your demons, you’ve missed all the gifts your angels have held out to you. Seek a little more balance between the two, because they are both actually equally necessary in human life. Not too much of either, but a good balance will keep you happy, healthy, holy, and wise. Seek moderation, even when it comes to your demons and your angels!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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