Soulbyte for Friday May 17, 2019

In times of stress, learn to calm your body and your mind. In calming relaxation, turn off stressors that interfere with the smooth flowing of life. In calming relaxation, let the body naturally do its thing, while the mind ceases its patter and frees you from its worrisome machinations. Your body has its own mind and it will take over and bring you to calming relaxation if you tell it to relax, and if you let it, if you free it from what your mind thinks it knows, for in truth the body knows more than the mind. Let your body show you its wisdom. Direct it, with calm intent, to achieve quiet relaxation. Calm your body, calm your mind. You might be very surprised at what you learn about yourself. Turn off the mind and tune into your body’s natural stress reducer: calming relaxation!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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