Soulbyte for Wednesday December 26, 2018

Remain quiet, contained, and centered within the self as the year winds down, as this phase concludes. As the old dies away and the new prepares for birth, consider your own process of ending and beginning. What within you is ending? What within you seeks life? What is it time to let go of? And what is it time to bring forth into life? Sit quietly and remember that the sun sets and rises again, that the moon has its phases, just as you do. Get quiet within. Stay connected to the truth of changing nature within and without and listen to your wise self who knows you better than anyone. With eagerness and anticipation focus on new life to come. Remain positive. Even in the darkest times the potential for light and the possibility of change are just around the darkest corner. Meditate on that. Meditate on the light.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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