Soulbyte for Thursday October 4, 2018

Release your pain into the loving arms of the universe, all that you hold secret within you, for there is no greater listener, no greater counselor, no greater redeemer than the energy of love that surrounds you and seeks to help you. Relieve yourself of your pain in the loving energy that embraces and supports you on your journey through life. Let its vibration in so that you may be free and clear, born anew into a life you have only dreamed of. It’s all in your power of intent, in the things you tell yourself, and in the trust you develop as you work with the guides and helpers assigned to assist you as you journey through your many lives. They are right there ready to help. Just ask. Ask them to reveal themselves and see what they say, how they respond, and what they do to help you. Help may come in unexpected ways, but it will come. You may be very surprised to discover that you never have been alone, that they’ve always been there with you. Always.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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