Soulbyte for Monday August 27, 2018

Get right within the self. Rather than turn outward, looking at others to blame or to dismiss as getting it wrong, doing it wrong, or having failed in some way, look to the self. How have you gotten it wrong? What are you doing that isn’t right? How have you failed? Turn inward and investigate the self on many deepening levels as to your personal state. Can you accept the truth and deal with it in an inner way rather than an outer way, with all your feelings and emotions on board and part of the process? It’s time to turn inward and get the self right. As you do that the world outside of you will begin to get right again too. As within, so without. And don’t forget, do so without regret or resentment. Do it out of love, loving the self for all that has transpired and loving life to come. Do it with love.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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