Soulbyte for Monday January 29, 2018

You are part of the greater whole, part of the energy that forms your world. If you are right within yourself the world too has the possibility to get right as well. If you are calm the world around you calms. If you are healthy the world around you is healthy. If you are loving the world around you is loving. If you are angry the entire world comes at you with anger too. If you are fearful the entire world can appear as a fearful place. If you are off in any way within the self the world will be off too. You have that much power that you affect everything inside of you and outside of you, and that is power indeed.

Each one of you has a responsibility to use that power on yourself so that everyone benefits. It’s the universal law of the composition of the whole; where one part is off the whole is off and where even one small part is right the whole too is potentially right. Stop worrying so much about other people. Get right within yourself and watch how you affect the whole world. Ask yourself, “How am I like what worries me? How am I like what I don’t like in the world outside of me?” Get right within and watch the world get right too.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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