Soulbyte for Tuesday August 8, 2017

Keep yourself in balance. Hold yourself to certain standards. Be responsible. Be accountable. Your life depends upon you and the choices you make. Own your decisions, but do not be so hard on yourself that you forget to soften your heart, that you miss the joy and beauty that is all around you, that you forget to partake in life, that you don’t read the signs that come to guide you until it is too late. Later will always come, but it is now that matters. Be as fully present as possible in each moment, with your feet on the ground, and yet, like the wind, know that you are just passing through this moment to the next and that a new moment is always coming. Strive to make the most of each moment. Participate in life as fully as possible, responsibly, and to the best of your ability. That is keeping in balance.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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