Soulbyte for Tuesday June 6, 2017

Quiet observation is often the only means of approach to a sticky situation, to an untenable dilemma, to a painful confrontation. Becoming a quiet observer is like being a star in the night sky, a distant yet stable light. To stand apart is no easy feat, nor does it denote defeat, in fact it is a wise person who stands aside knowing that this time too will pass, that life will go on, that all things have the potential to change on their own. Such knowledge fuels the determination to quietly wait, as does the good heart that wishes only goodness and pursues only positive intentions. Even in the midst of chaos it is possible to have a positive impact from a distance. Think yes not no. Think life not death. Think good not evil. And emit only love. All of these are star qualities!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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