Soulbyte for Wednesday June 7, 2017

Beyond this moment lies another, here in an instant. Beyond this day lies another, here in only a matter of time. Beyond this thought lies another, as fleeting as a moment. Beyond this knowledge lies more, gained over a matter of time. Do not stand rigid and unmoving, stuck in ideas or thoughts, in thinking that you are one way or another, an unchangeable being, for the truth is that you are as fleeting as a moment, as unfolding as a day, as changeable as a thought, as deep as all knowledge. You are all these things and more, an ever-evolving being, as you should be. Strive to remember this each day and let yourself become the changing being that you truly are. It’s not that hard. Like the ease of night into day and one moment into the next let yourself go with the flow!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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