A Day in a Life: Netting—An Energy Clearing Technique

We don't even realize that everything we need is already inside us, waiting to be discovered... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
We don’t even realize that everything we need is already inside us, waiting to be discovered…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Finding purpose is a process. In my childhood, through my years as a reclusive artist, writer and illustrator, my years as a wife and mother, I sought a higher purpose. Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing to make this life meaningful? How can I be of service to others? The questions plagued me always.

During my time of recapitulation, doing deep work on myself, I learned that I had to develop a good relationship with money if I was to ever discover my purpose. It was one of my challenges in this life. I did not grow up in a household where money was discussed, it just wasn’t done, and so I never really understood it. I opened a savings account when I was about eight years old and during my entire childhood, until I was 18 years old, I saved a grand total of 66 dollars and some cents. It was pretty pathetic.

In my early career as an illustrator I cared little for money. In fact, I had a non-relationship with money. I took whatever was offered for my work, having no skills at negotiation nor interest in bargaining. Somehow I scraped by, but barely. Even so I gave so much away—money, artwork, time— even when I had nothing, for I could not bear that others would suffer. But this did not prove to be good or helpful, for it caused me a lot of suffering myself.

I finally came to the conclusion, after dealing with a lot of low self-esteem issues, that it was indeed necessary to be compensated fairly for the work I did. Once the intent was set and the universe contacted, things started happening in the money area for me. I did not ask for a lot, for my intention was to live a modest but comfortable life, but it sure was nice to have a few extra dollars for emergencies and pleasure!

Chuck and I live under the same motto. We intend modesty and comfort, but within the parameters of what’s right. And so, we ask a modest fee for the work we do. The general channeled messages for humanity, however, we do not ask payment for; those we give freely through our website. But we also fully live and integrate what we learn from the messages and we are committed to making them relevant within the context of now, interpreting, synthesizing, and configuring those messages in our own writings. We are not only fully aware of the reality that we all must live differently now, but we seek to embody that in everything we do. We are grateful for the opportunity to share all that we learn through this website.

Today, I pass along a visualization technique that came to me, through me, the other day during a 30 minute meditation session. It is called Netting, a clearing, cleansing process that involves the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies of which we are all comprised.

Here is the process as it was taught to me:

What does "Netting" reveal to you? - Detail of artwork by Jan Ketchel
What does “Netting” reveal to you?
– Detail of artwork by Jan Ketchel

Imagine the self as an energy being. Imagine a net, such as a butterfly net. Imagine sweeping that net through the entire length of the energy body, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, slowly at first, capturing any energy that does not belong, flicking off any collected debris as the net sweeps past the soles of the feet. Now bring the net back up through the soles of the feet, pulling it up the entire length of the body, visualizing capturing any impurities, negativities, old energies, illness, etc., and then flick out through the top of the head any collected debris. Do this several times, going back and forth, slowly at first and then increasing in speed until you are able to visualize this net sweeping quickly back and forth, both clearing and enlivening all parts of who you are, your energy centers, your vital organs and cells, your mind and thoughts, your entire being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It’s really quite refreshing!

Do Netting for a few seconds or a few minutes. You can do it anywhere, sitting, standing, lying down. Do it before going to work, during work, after work, and see what happens. Do it before sleep and see what your dreams invite you to. Do it before speaking and see what you say. Do it before therapy to see what comes through. Do it before exercise to see what happens differently in your body and your mind. Do it before loving and see what your love is like. Do it before eating and see what you choose to eat. Do it before meditation and see what your meditation reveals.

All you have to do is give yourself time and permission. You might find yourself invigorated afterwards. You might find yourself calm and collected. You might find yourself vibrating, your energy centers awake. You might find yourself sleepy. You might find that issues are stirred, and if so, be gentle with yourself. Let what comes come, examine it for the value it holds, write it down if it helps, and then let it go. Send the sweeping net through you once again for a final clearing once you have learned what you need to know.

The main purpose of the process, however, coming from Jeanne and the teachers in the soul group of which she is a part, is the intention to clear and cleanse the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy so that we may be available for new experiences in life. It is not to be used for gain, but only as a means of supporting the self through an evolving process.

We can only experience what we are ready for, so everyone will have their own unique experience, as it is with all processes. Just as I had to learn to have a new relationship with money in my own life, so do we all have to learn to have a new relationship with our own deepest issues. Our challenges are usually our spirit trying to show us the way to resolution, new life experiences, and new possibilities.

Calmness and centering is the result of Netting... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Calmness and centering is the result of Netting…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Facing my issue with money led me on a whole string of other challenges, not the least of which was to reveal to Chuck that I was channeling his dead wife! I could only do that after I had faced and cleared myself of a myriad of issues that were keeping me stuck, including that money issue. For how could I ever accept what I was to learn about myself as a spiritual being if I could not accept that I was a worthy physical being?

I had to accept all of me, all that I was, but in the end I had to let all of that go too. It was only after accepting all that I was in this world that I was able to face the final challenge, to be totally empty of me, me, me so I could be open to receive and pass along the messages Jeanne was so eager to impart. Netting is one of those messages.

Personally, I find Netting to be an invigorating process, very clearing. May you also find it helpful. Visualization is a very personal process, so do it in the way that comes to you in your own imagination. This process is yours to receive and use to your fullest advantage. Good luck, and enjoy Netting!

Passing it on with love and gratitude,

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