Soulbyte for Saturday March 21, 2015

A warrior knows that everything is contained within the self. A warrior knows that to access the energy of self to the fullest is a process of breaking down the walls that block that energy, destroying the foundations that have been constructed during a lifetime of socializations, judgments, fears, doubts, beliefs, and misinterpretations of reality and life’s experiences.

A warrior knows that to look in the mirror with fully open eyes is to face the false self that has evolved through a lifetime of untruths and false realizations. A warrior knows that the only way to understand true reality is to first destroy the old one and create a new one based on a system that says everything is energy.

And so, a warrior slowly and calmly goes about dismantling the self and the world as they appear, creating a new self and a new world. And then, when a warrior looks in the mirror, a warrior sees nothing except the energy of self and the world as it truly is, a new reality without constraints. Only then is a warrior free to be.

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