Soulbyte for Sunday March 22, 2015

A warrior knows that life is a dream and that everything is meaningful, and yet a warrior also knows that to attach, even to that which is meaningful, creates a problem. And so, a warrior takes only what is necessary from meaningful situations, meaningful insights, and meaningful encounters and moves on. A warrior is always focused on the intent of spirit to experience, detach, and gain and maintain energy for the ultimate journey. For that is the true goal of the warrior, to amass as much energy as possible while in human physical form so that the day of transition into new life, into a new dream, may be without regret.

A warrior seeks knowledge of self and understanding of what it means to be an energetic being capable of controlling the machinations of the mind and the desires of the physical self, capable of using energy wisely so that enough love, kindness, and compassion may be always available for others, while simultaneously channeled forward toward the ultimate goal of life, which is understanding and experiencing the dream of life as an energetic being so that a new energetic dream reality may be achieved upon completion of life on earth.

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