Soulbyte for Wednesday December 31, 2014

How do you choose to make this day, a traditionally established day of transition, meaningful? Will you do as you always have? Perhaps get a little too engrossed in the festivities? Or will you use this time to force a transition, long needed and long avoided? The choice is yours. But keep in mind the gift being offered, a specific time now set upon you for concerted effort to be practiced and change to be intended. This is not sacrificial time but offering time. Ponder this as you prepare for this day.

Ahead of you is offering time, granted and laid before you. Will you approach the altar of offering and make your own offering in return, allowing something to be let go of and something else to be allowed in? In a leaving there is also a new beginning, and in bother there is action, meaning, and energy transference. It is a good day to provide the self not only with encouragement and incentive, but also with release of the desires of your spirit, for it will gladly take this day to urge you forward. The choice is yours. See how powerful you are? You even have the power to supersede the desires of your spirit—now that is something! But is that how you want to live? Today is a day of offering; remember that.

Soulbyte for Tuesday December 30, 2014

Harbor no regrets as the year soon turns into another, as time, in your realm, defines an ending and a beginning. Instead focus on the process of time as unending, of the absolute of life, of the ability you all have to continually transform. Spirit transforms quite easily, while the physical body has a harder time, as it refuses the commands of the spirit. Do not be discouraged by its sluggishness or its reluctance but use those attributes as weapons of change. Your physical body holds onto the secrets of your success, your issues of transformation, to be dealt with as agents of change rather than, as you might perceive of them, as inhibitors to change. Study the self deeply. To transform is to know the elements of your psyche, your physical self, and all that it holds within, and to use all the you now are to your advantage.

How can you change if you do not understand what it is that you are changing? Keep in mind always that the spirit holds the key to full transformation. You just have to get the body in alignment with the spirit and take the journey now that all take eventually. While in the traveling capsule of your body self, your vehicle through life on that realm, you are always given the opportunity to take the path that leads to change. You can transform now. Connect with your spirit and ask it to show you how to do it. The answers, the truths, lie within. Allow them to be acceptable to you and you will have taken the first step.

Soulbyte for Monday December 29, 2014

At the end of the day take some time to reflect. Look back on your decisions, choices, the thoughts that ruled and the thoughts that you dismissed. Question your actions. Look for meanings missed, meanings ignored, and meanings grabbed onto. What have you learned today? What have you accrued? What have you contained? What have you embarked on? How have you changed? How have you stayed the same? What is necessary and what is unnecessary in your life at this moment? In reflecting prepare also for what comes next. This is how to live a life of awareness. Challenge yourself to make choices that are beneficial, sacred to the self and on your own behalf, providing you with the incentives to grow and change. Without compromise, anger or resentment, choose wisely and move on with compassion and love for self and other. Do the same thing tomorrow, as you take each day as an equally significant and meaningful part of your continuing journey through this life.

Soulbyte for Sunday December 28, 2014

Pull your energy inward today. Quiet your scattered thoughts. Still your mind and heart and let life unfold. Allow others to envision their own paths while you envision yours. Journeys in life are challenging, have no doubt about it. All must accept and travel upon their own path, making their way to their own wholeness. Offer advice when asked. Give attention where attention is needed. Nurture when appropriate, but for the most part step back and be amazed as you witness the unfolding of life all around you, letting those you love take their own journeys to wholeness.

With attention pulled inward, attend to the self in the same way and let your own journey take you forward through your own challenges and changes as you seek your own wholeness. If you take your journey with self-awareness, self-care, and self-propelled determination to experience life to the fullest, so will those you love and care about the most do the same. As within, so without.

Soulbyte for Saturday December 27, 2014

What is your main issue to focus on today? Discover it. Train your mind to be calm and empty so that your spirit may speak to you of what it needs. With quiet mind your truths will be revealed. When you ask spirit for answers, with sincerity and intent to heal and change, spirit will speak to you clearly and honestly. It then becomes your prerogative: do I listen and take the words of my spirit to heart and work with them, or do I continue down the path I am on, ignoring them for the time being? No matter which choice you make you will be confronted by the words of your spirit over and over again. But one choice will bring you conflict and the other will bring you conflict leading to peace of mind. Both choices present work, the work of aligning with and elevating to the level of the higher, deeper self. One is the work of avoidance at all costs, the other is the work of healing and growth. Just when you elect to do the work of elevating the self to a higher level of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and balance is your own choice. Ponder the choices you have today. What is your main issue? What are you personally being confronted with this day?