Soulbyte for Sunday December 28, 2014

Pull your energy inward today. Quiet your scattered thoughts. Still your mind and heart and let life unfold. Allow others to envision their own paths while you envision yours. Journeys in life are challenging, have no doubt about it. All must accept and travel upon their own path, making their way to their own wholeness. Offer advice when asked. Give attention where attention is needed. Nurture when appropriate, but for the most part step back and be amazed as you witness the unfolding of life all around you, letting those you love take their own journeys to wholeness.

With attention pulled inward, attend to the self in the same way and let your own journey take you forward through your own challenges and changes as you seek your own wholeness. If you take your journey with self-awareness, self-care, and self-propelled determination to experience life to the fullest, so will those you love and care about the most do the same. As within, so without.

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