Soulbyte for Saturday December 27, 2014

What is your main issue to focus on today? Discover it. Train your mind to be calm and empty so that your spirit may speak to you of what it needs. With quiet mind your truths will be revealed. When you ask spirit for answers, with sincerity and intent to heal and change, spirit will speak to you clearly and honestly. It then becomes your prerogative: do I listen and take the words of my spirit to heart and work with them, or do I continue down the path I am on, ignoring them for the time being? No matter which choice you make you will be confronted by the words of your spirit over and over again. But one choice will bring you conflict and the other will bring you conflict leading to peace of mind. Both choices present work, the work of aligning with and elevating to the level of the higher, deeper self. One is the work of avoidance at all costs, the other is the work of healing and growth. Just when you elect to do the work of elevating the self to a higher level of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and balance is your own choice. Ponder the choices you have today. What is your main issue? What are you personally being confronted with this day?

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