Soulbyte for Friday December 26, 2014

Notice your feet today. Feel them on the earth, grounding you, your connection to the vibrations of life on that plane. Notice the beating of your heart, your connection to the vibrations of spirit. These energetic connections are brought together in your physical body. Notice them, connect with them, attend to them, value them, but also use them to guide you. Go where it feels right, where your vibrations resonate. Do what feels right. Speak what is right, eat what is right, taking into consideration the cultivation of earth and spirit from all angles, seeking resonance within and without. This is the next step and the next phase of your journey.

Remain connected to body and spirit, to earth and heaven, creating good vibrations from within the self that resonate good vibrations without, into the world around you. This is how you contribute to a changing world energy—with your own good vibrations!

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