Soulbyte for Monday December 29, 2014

At the end of the day take some time to reflect. Look back on your decisions, choices, the thoughts that ruled and the thoughts that you dismissed. Question your actions. Look for meanings missed, meanings ignored, and meanings grabbed onto. What have you learned today? What have you accrued? What have you contained? What have you embarked on? How have you changed? How have you stayed the same? What is necessary and what is unnecessary in your life at this moment? In reflecting prepare also for what comes next. This is how to live a life of awareness. Challenge yourself to make choices that are beneficial, sacred to the self and on your own behalf, providing you with the incentives to grow and change. Without compromise, anger or resentment, choose wisely and move on with compassion and love for self and other. Do the same thing tomorrow, as you take each day as an equally significant and meaningful part of your continuing journey through this life.

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