Soulbyte for Wednesday December 31, 2014

How do you choose to make this day, a traditionally established day of transition, meaningful? Will you do as you always have? Perhaps get a little too engrossed in the festivities? Or will you use this time to force a transition, long needed and long avoided? The choice is yours. But keep in mind the gift being offered, a specific time now set upon you for concerted effort to be practiced and change to be intended. This is not sacrificial time but offering time. Ponder this as you prepare for this day.

Ahead of you is offering time, granted and laid before you. Will you approach the altar of offering and make your own offering in return, allowing something to be let go of and something else to be allowed in? In a leaving there is also a new beginning, and in bother there is action, meaning, and energy transference. It is a good day to provide the self not only with encouragement and incentive, but also with release of the desires of your spirit, for it will gladly take this day to urge you forward. The choice is yours. See how powerful you are? You even have the power to supersede the desires of your spirit—now that is something! But is that how you want to live? Today is a day of offering; remember that.

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