Readers of Infinity: Be Real

Here is a channeled message from Jeanne, compliments of Jan. Our regular blogging schedule will continue through the holidays, so we look forward to communicating with all of you over the next few weeks. Best wishes to all for an energetically peaceful and loving holiday season! Here is what Jeanne has to say:

Melt the icy shield and allow the true self to more fully live each day… - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Melt the icy shield,
and allow the true self to more fully live each day…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Live every day with an open heart, with graciousness and kindness flowing out of you. With sorrow and sadness releasing, embrace your lives more fully. Be present where you are, with whom you are with, and with the self in your human form. Be aware that this is where you are now, but this is not where you will stay, for you are in constant flux.

Constantly remind the self that you are on a journey, and that journey encompasses all that you have already lived and all that you have yet to live. It encompasses who you are now and who you have the potential to become. It encompasses all that is now in this moment and all that comes in the next moment.

Keep in mind that your journey through life is constantly shifting, that you too are constantly shifting, that each day you are a new being with new opportunities to grow and change. Embrace yourself, your journey, and your life as fully as you wish to be embraced. Make this journey special, productive, challenging, and evolutionary. You are the one in charge. You have the power! Grab hold of it and take yourself to a new level. Your guides and your own energy are waiting to receive, accept, and accompany you!

Open more fully to your life as it is. Face your circumstances, accepting them as necessary to move you along, but also be aware that you must choose to move beyond this stage. If you are going to change, you must allow the power within to emerge more fully now and take you into new life. It’s your choice. The secret, however, is that the power to evolve lies within. You will rarely find it without, though life outside of you has a habit of jolting you into awareness of this fact. Life outside of you is constantly in synch with your true mission: to awaken the spirit within so that you may grow and evolve.

May you all choose to ignite this power, independent of, and instead of, waiting for that jolt from outside to strike. Light a fire beneath your complacency, your negativity, and your hopelessness—for now is the moment when lighting that fire will kindle more than just smoke. New life will emerge now more fully, as you instigate your human self to be consumed more fully by your spirit self—the real you, seeking to live your life more fully.

It’s time for everyone to shift—to no longer be ruled by the world outside of you, which is not really succeeding—and turn inward, taking hold of the truths of the true self; a loving, kind, sensitive, knowing being. Allow this true self to speak, act, and be more fully present in your world and your life. The time to do this is now, everyone, no matter who you are or what you have done or been.

Now is the time to dare to be gracious, humble, beautiful, and open to the world, to be amazing in the world, just as it has the potential to be amazing in return! All of you are a part of making this so. All of you can be part of shifting the current situation, simply by daring the self to shift a little bit more each day into the real you. Without fear, I encourage you to present this real self to the world.

I suggest you sit with yourself a little each day, calmly allowing your true and gentle self—kept so safely hidden inside for so long—the opportunity to smile a little more each day, to speak a little more each day, and to feel a little more each day. You’ll be surprised at first, but then less so, as you realize this true self is being constantly met graciously and kindly by the true self in others in return. This is what all others seek as well, a new, truer communication, on a deeper level—a connection with the oneness of being a spiritual being in human form on this earth at this time.

Let go of all facades and posturing, of negativities and cynicisms, of projections and disappointments, and instead be real!

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