Readers of Infinity: Stay With The Energy Of Change

Here is this week’s message from Jeanne, guiding us all to stay the course:

Like the hardworking ant, stay focused on your goals...Photo by Jan Ketchel
Like the hardworking ant, stay focused on your goals…Photo by Jan Ketchel

Stay with the energy of change. Let it guide you to fruition. Remain steadfastly attached to your goals, while at the same time detached from all that comes from outside to thwart your efforts.

Not yet certain of your goals? I suggest that you let the energies guide you anyway, for all is prepared for alignment. If there is acquiescence there is success for all involved. This requires mature and sober analysis and detachment of self and situation. This requires mature detachment with kindness and attention to truth. This requires a personal recommitment to stay on the individual path of truth and growth. In other words: Do not let outside energy, as volatile and persuasive as it may be, overpower you.

This is a time of personal transformation. If you stay connected to your personal truths and goals, your next phase of growth will be enlightening. If you are stuck, you are still offered the same outcome, but your energy and efforts must be directed toward overcoming your fears as you acquiescence to the situation you find yourself in.

There is really no other solution to where you find yourself. You have the opportunity to flow willingly or to fight. How you choose to react will determine the road ahead of you. Will it be an open road or a road full of obstacles? You are in charge of navigating your life and so the choices are all up to you.

How do you wish to proceed on your journey? Good luck in all your efforts. Keep always in mind that the energy of now does not wait for you. You are obliged to grab it and run with it or try to keep up as best you can. It is here to help you grow, but it waits for no one.

This is energy to aid the individual inner journey. On a collective level, it asks that each of you address the inner self and make some firm decisions on how to act appropriately in all situations, innerly and outerly, as this will affect the world around you. Be kind. Be generous, but also do not compromise the self, for the energy of the self is necessary if you are to engage this energy and evolve. Without personal energy there is no possibility of aiding others, so preserve and refresh the self as necessary.

Remain attentive to all you encounter, but determine the best course of action based on how much energy you really have to spare. This just may not be the time to give, but only to gather inward. You must each take personal account of where you stand and do what is best for the preservation of your personal energy and responsibilities. Remain calm as you go through the next few days of tumult and shift. After that things will slow down somewhat, but you may find yourself in a new world. Now that should be interesting!

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