Readers of Infinity: Room For Improvement

In every moment there is the opportunity to change, like these blossoms that no longer exist, but new leaves have sprouted... nature is in constant flux... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
In every moment there is the opportunity to change, like these blossoms that no longer exist, but new leaves have sprouted… nature is in constant flux… – Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is this week’s message from Jeanne:

There is always room for improvement, for tweaking and perfecting. In all walks of life, in all aspects of life, in all you do, think and perceive there is room for new insight.

Allow the self, over the next few days, to notice just how you repeat yourself, how you go into automatic pilot and without consciousness simply operate as if you were a robot. Robots do not embody spirit. They are mere machines. Is that what you want to be, a mere machine?

Life, in order to be fulfilling, must include goals and goals, in order to be achieved, must involve disciplinary action. Without judgment and self-criticism, but simply because it is time and you are ready, embrace a new disciplinary plan. Set your goals and strive toward them, one step at a time.

Allow the self room to maneuver through the energy that arises each day, not so hard that you can’t flow, because it is in the act of flowing that you will learn what it means to grow and change. If you are too strict there will be no progress, just as there will be no progress if you are too lenient. Inflexibility is just as damaging as overindulgence.

Allow the self to be aware of the energy outside of the self, even as you seek to hone your inner energy, for it is only in compatibility that these two forces—inner and outer—will align and balance. Thus, to be innerly aware is as important as being outerly aware.

Watch how you operate in your own world. Who rules you? Who commands, directs, and charges you with your tasks, judgments, and your ideas of self and other? Who is really in charge? Seek connection with the spirit that resides within and allow it to guide you. This is often easier said than done, but with intent, discipline, and a keen inner awareness you should be able to hone your attention on this inner spirit self over the next few days. Begin there, and then flow with what comes, allowing the self to relax with this inner self. Accept its truths and be open to accepting its guidance. The flow of your life will change as you both release and hone, let go and yet discipline yourself, constantly realigning your intent, innerly and outerly.

Life is an unending flow of moments—of energy and opportunity. You are already in the flow of its offerings. Now it’s time to be in your life fully aware, accepting of what comes to greet you and determined to experience it to the fullest. That’s the challenge.

A rush of energy will follow shortly. Feel it and know that it is the energy of life itself flowing through you. It might feel like too much at once, or not enough, but you will remember it for its truthful presence. It’s up to you to tame it so that it feeds your needs but also so that you remain fully aware, in balanced alignment with it. With your intent set to change, use it to your advantage. You are in charge of how you elect to use it—the flow of the energy of life as it flows through you and everyone upon that earth. Let go of your crutches—in whatever form they are—and let the energy of life in.

Each moment is new and vibrant and available for you to use to your advantage. The choice becomes: Do I grab it and go, shift into new life, or do I have to stay where I am a little bit longer, or even a lot longer? You decide. Then act, take action on your own behalf. Hone your awareness if nothing else.

Change takes proactive energy; that is being in alignment with life and taking action on your own behalf. No one else can do it for you. If you want change, make it happen for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for? The energy of life awaits! Feel it flowing through the universe. It is your present and your future, already available to you, already flowing through you. You just have to become aware of this and let it guide you.

Seek compatibility in all you do, in where you go, in who you go with. Compatibility is the key.

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