Readers of Infinity: Fresh Intent

Today I asked Jeanne and our multitudes of guides in infinity for a message of guidance for the coming week. Here is the response:

See the world differently today...

Do not fear what holds you always in dread, for it is nothing but the grip of that world, the mundane come to greet you with its overwhelming presence, mere cogitation, come to lead you on your personal journey, invited by your spirit’s need for life and expression.

Take on the request of your spirit for constant change and new life. Begin by dismantling the outer world. Take down its walls and wash away its fears. Excavate its messages of old and open your doors and windows to the fresh air of new intent.

And how do you do that so it has impact? You release the old, oft-repeated phrases to something new today, something life giving and inviting. Offer the self new life simply by changing the words you speak in mind and body language. Speak new words to the self today, tender and loving words, gentle words as soft as water, yet with the strong intent to break down the old hard words, the regretful, resentful words that hold you bitter and angry.

Change your words inside your own mind and then in your world. Look at your thoughts that come so quickly. Dismiss the old ones that appear to thwart you, asking you to walk the same path again, the same boring, frightening, habitually well-worn path of old. Make new thoughts a priority and they will come, even more easily as time goes on and you make room for them in your psyche.

Take on new eyes of seeing today as well. See the world with different eyes and the self too. Notice that what at first appears to you is not really true. Look again and again, and eventually you will see the truth. Once revealed and perceived as such, it will be difficult to return to the old way of seeing and perceiving yourself, your life, and the world around you.

Set your intent for change. Intend inner change through thought, word, and vision, and then watch the old world—once created by you and your circumstances—disappear and a new world appear. Listen differently too. Be aware, as you set your intent to be different in mind and body today, that your spirit will greet you with open arms.

“Come,” it will say, “let’s have a different experience today. Let’s find new life where we live. I will show you the way.”

See the beauty in where you are...

Stay soft and open, calm and patient, aware that you are setting the intent to change the self, inside and then outside. It’s all you need in order to change your life. Change your inner dialogue, change your outlook, change your life.

My most humble thanks to Jeanne and Infinity for today’s message! Have a great, new week of change!


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