Readers of Infinity: A New Message From Jeanne

Facing the ravenous energy

Dear Jeanne,

Today, I ask you for advice as we find ourselves steeped in ravenous energy. At least that is what I personally feel. I feel it pushing, signifying that a time of great change is soon upon us, asking us to not only note it, but to work with it to get to a new level of advancement, as individuals and as humans. I feel this energy viscerally. I feel it in others, in the energy of our times, and in the very earth.

On a worldwide level, I feel that this year is ending on a confrontational note, that we are all being asked to be brutally honest and truthful, to seek and speak our deepest truths, to ourselves and others, and to face the world outside of us with equal honesty and truthfulness. It feels like everything is laid bare now, plain to see, and our greatest challenge now is to accept what has been revealed to us, knowing our habitual tendencies to gloss over, protect, and control. I feel that we must now CHANGE, each of us personally, and all of mankind as well.

Do you have some advice for all of us who struggle, though we do indeed seek greater awareness and though we do wish to fully embrace a life of truth and change?

Here is Jeanne’s lengthy, but very pragmatic and helpful response, asking us all to pause, turn inward, and study our deepest issues, for that is where our challenges really lie, as usual, deep inside each of us:

Yes, My Dears, the universe has set everything in motion for great change to happen. You may feel this on a personal level, on a national level, on a global level. If you so choose to be led to a new level of personal growth and evolution, you will find the way open now, though the process will be challenging, as all processes of change must be.

A cell does not divide without suffering the brutal energy of transformation. An infant is not born without having to undergo the passage through the birth canal and suffering through the agony of taking the first breath of life. The child does not experience life in the world without having to suffer separation from the parent. The young adult does not embrace life without first having to confront the loneliness and challenge of being fully responsible for the self in the world. The adult does not grow further until confronted by all that has transpired throughout life, understanding it on a deeper level. All such challenges lead to change.

Take note of your reality

The world around you has indeed been shouting for humanity to change for a long time now. The universe has been in cahoots with the planet you live upon, pushing for you all to take note of the REALITY of your situation, both personally and as a person residing upon the planet Earth, as a member of the human race.

Each of you are responsible for your self, for what you decide to do with your life and for learning how your decisions affect you, those closest to you, the environment, and that which determines the course of humanity. Everything is interconnected, everything impacts everything else, outside of you and inside of you.

This day and this time upon Earth are leading you all to a greater awareness. Even just a glimpse of greater awareness may be enough to captivate enough people so that real change may happen.

Take some time to quietly reflect upon what is happening in your personal world. Where do you see change being presented? Look in the outer world. Where do you see change being urged upon you? I guarantee the answers you arrive at are connected.

Reflect upon the self deeply now. Where is your wounded child caught in struggle? Where is your dictator domineering you? Where is your creative self pushing for expression? Where is your reckless self making decisions? Where is your truthful self seeking words of expression, and what words are they really? Who are you today as this energy of change hits you over the head and urges you to pause and take in the deeper meaning of your life and this time? It may not be what you first suspect. Go deeper and deeper into the self, to the raw self and face the fears that arise over and over again. Ask them to show you what else it is that has you so fearful. What is it that you fear at the deepest root of self?

You are all like the trees in the earth, anchored, though in human form. You reside upon that earth with deep roots and wide, sky-reaching branches. You rely upon the ground, the water, the air, the sun, the night and day, the changes of seasons for sustenance and nurturance, for you are all as natural as all that the environment provides for life. And just as the seasons change so must you.

Go Deeper

Your true self asks you to feel your roots going deep into the soil of your life. Your true self asks you to take in the air around you, the water the earth provides, and accept this life-giving energy. Use it for growth. Your true self knows that what is outside of you is merely reflecting what is inside you.

As you face the truths of the self, do not wallow in sorrow, blame, and self-pity, but embrace the energy of change that is pushing you all to become greater beings, greater human beings and greater spiritual beings as well.

You are all on a journey of life leading to more life. That is always the case. Can you keep embracing more life? This is the true confrontation that life and change present: How far into the energy of life can you go?

Remain aware that there is always more to embrace, to study and learn, as you allow the self to ride the changing energy of your life. Remain aware that the lessons of life teach the same process of change and awareness that leads to embracing eternal life. For yes, death does await all of you, but as you face your challenges in life you learn that every time you confront a fear, a challenge, an uncomfortable situation, you conquer your fear of death. Eventually you get it, that death is nothing to fear, for it is, as I have experienced it, just more life! Life in the extreme!

As you travel the path of your life, you will learn that life fully lived, fully confronted, and fully embraced—as it is presented to you each day—is all that you need to evolve. And eventually, as you continually grow and change, you understand that the lessons of life are all you could wish for too, though growing means constantly going through the same kind of pain that birth entails, facing the same moments of trauma and enlightenment.

In order to evolve, one must take each step of life bravely, knowing that great contentment and great expression come from challenging the self to truly live more deeply each day.

Know that I am with you all as you face your challenges. Look for me in your hearts. Find me, and those like me, in your own voice, as you speak your truths. Our energy is behind you as your own spirit seeks to bring you news that you are fully capable of evolving into new life. By constantly accepting what comes to guide you, from inside and outside, you will evolve.

Your pain is your gain. I don’t mean to be facetious, but it’s true! But as I said before, the deeper meaning of why you suffer may not be what you first think. Go always another step deeper into the a new truth and ask it to show you something else. Eventually you will find a new answer to carry you forth.

All of this deep work takes courage, and I know you have it! Don’t be afraid to use it.

Thank you, Jeanne! Personally, I have to admit that I have felt the need to embrace a time of pause, to slow everything down and take a deep breath, fully aware that I am facing a moment of great shift and that I must prepare properly to go into it in the right way, in energetic alignment, with openness to accepting the challenge that is being offered to once again change. The real challenge is to keep growing. I know that and, yet, I must reintroduce that concept to myself each time I face a personal fear. I wish you all good travels as you journey onward into this time of great shift. Keep in touch. -Jan

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