Readers of Infinity: Face Your Fears & Your Joys

There is time now to gather the fruits of your inner labors, to clearly grasp your issues before the next shift comes. It is important to carry forth what you have learned about the self over the past few weeks and months.

If you are aware, if you have been doing your inner work with conscious awareness, your issues have been revealed, are readily available and known to you. You are ready to accept them. Take them now to a new level.

What are you confronted with?

A time of shift is upon you, and, in order to move to a deeper understanding of your life and your self in that life, awareness of the truths that have lately been revealed must be carried forth, kept in conscious awareness and used as guides.

On the other hand, if you have not fully grasped what you have been confronted with about the self, do not despair nor be disappointed, for the inner self and the inner process expand upon and present the needed lessons whether you are fully aware or not. Take forward now your commitment to grow, as you too shift to a new level. The conviction to do inner work, to discover the reasons for the workings of the self, the deeper issues behind actions, thoughts, feelings, etc., has been afforded energy that will lead you to a new level. Seek next greater clarity while simultaneously seeking always new life.

No matter where you are in your process of growth and evolution—in your process of self-exploration on your journey of release from the old and embracing of the new—do not lose connection with you inner desire for spiritual life and balance. This inner desire entails awakening to the creative and conscious growth of the inner self who so diligently alerts you to its existence.

Seek balance

No matter who you are or where you are in your life at this moment, your spirit seeks you out. It asks not just for recognition, but for full acceptance. In so doing, it seeks to guide you to release from all that now holds you captive, freeing you to live a fuller life, a balanced life, a life of love, of kindness, of compassion, full of awareness of the self as part of the whole of existence.

Your troubles guide you to your true path. Know this. Accept this process and be not afraid to more fully engage it. Your life is yet to be fully lived; yet it awaits you eagerly.

Know that a new time of shift is coming. Be open to it and notice how your energy recognizes it first, before your mind catches up. This is something to be aware of. Your energetic self, your spirit, your inner process is usually a few steps ahead of you, leading the way. Once your mind catches up and grasps the lead that your spirit tosses, your only job is to take the lead and go where it wants to take you.

You lead yourself in a process of growth. It is your process alone. Find the guidance you need outside of you to gain clarity inside of you, as you do your deep inner work. But know that within the self resides everything you need to gain awareness, clarity, and the energy to face your fears and your joys alike. Do not be afraid of either.

Maybe your fears and joys are really the same?

Facing your fears and your joys is the next step, but that is always the next step. This time take that step with awareness that you are doing so, that though both your fears and your joys may be hidden and unreconciled, so do they exist inside you. Face them for yourself, for your growth, and so that you may reach a new level of awareness within the self, as well as in the world outside of you.

These two worlds, the inner and the outer, seek constant balance, putting you in the position of having to constantly regain your own balance. Know that all that you experience in life is caused by disruptions within the self and all these disruptions are really doing is asking you to face your fears, so that you may one day more fully face your joys.

This is where you all stand now, once again upon the brink of a new self-discovery. At all times, stay connected to spirit self and ego self alike, aware and committed to growing. That’s really all you need to do to live a fulfilling life, stay connected to all that the self presents you with.

Good Luck, as you continue your journeys to fulfillment!

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