Readers of Infinity: Turning Points

Our poor magnolia tree could do nothing but acquiesce as the storm arrived on October 29, 2011

Turn inward now, accepting the changes as they come. It is not time for dispute but only time for acquiescence to the inevitable, as the waning of one energy and the birth of another transitions through the turmoil of collision.

Turning points require stability.

Turning points require pragmatism.

Turning points require clarity of vision, of knowing, and of intent.

Remind the self of the intent of the seasons as well as the intent set by the self, by the inner process now in progress, as well as by the greater intent of the spirit to evolve.

Accept where you are at this moment. Accept that there is no other possibility and that until acceptance is allowed to play out there will be no change. In dispute or refusal, stagnation and sluggishness will result. Personally and universally is this true.

The time of now calls for decision making in alignment with the inevitable. Do not get stuck in self-pity, but do accept self-responsibility to change the self, down to the deepest roots where all-knowing resides.

We can learn from the trees...

Accept that you are as natural as the seasons, with the same intent at your core, driven by the same energy to keep changing.

The choice that must be made each day is either to accept and acquiesce, so the natural unfolding process may occur uninhibited, or to decide to be stubborn and resistant to that inevitable process that will occur nonetheless.

How do you want to take your journey? That is really the only choice to make in an inner decision of acceptance or resistant. Either way, the same story will play out.

But look...a new day arrives!

You will learn what you must, what you are most ready for, what is most necessary at this point, as you take each step of your personal journey. Go with the flow of it or fight against it? Your choice.

Winter Storm

October 29, 2011 brought us a major snowfall. We got 18 inches of snow on our little mountaintop while the village of Red Hook, a mere three miles down the road, got just a few. The other day’s dusting was just a warmup. Our power is out, but with our trusty iPad we should be able to have a channeled message posted as usual on Monday. Readers of Infinity will check in tomorrow. Enjoy the sunny day!

Jan and Chuck

Chuck’s Place: Doubt—The Enduring Sentinel

During recapitulation we use intent to shift us into places of non-ordinary reality where we discover parts of our personal history hitherto completely unknown to our everyday selves. Although we may encounter many triggers in everyday life—events that evoke anxiety, fear, bodily sensation or fleeting images of prior experiences—the full knowing of the events of our lives requires that we shift into non-ordinary reality to retrieve the full truth of our lives lived.

October 28, 2011—An undeniable sudden shift into non-ordinary reality

Whenever we experience events in life that fall outside the realm of normal, our hold on reality is threatened. Inwardly these events are experienced as overwhelming and disintegrating, often accompanied by dizziness and nausea. Our sense of self that is based on normal reality is forced to dis-integrate under the impact of experience that happens outside of everyday expectations. In order to hold onto some sense of a cohesive, recognizable self when the experience ends, a set of reorganizing defenses are employed to make the experience fit into normal expectations, or reality as we expect it.

These defenses range from rationalization—where a non-rational experience is cut and pasted into a rational one—to repression, where the experience is completely lost to memory; it simply doesn’t exist in one’s personal history.

As we go deeper into the intentional process of recapitulation, the body opens the hidden reservoir of personal history stored from experiences of non-ordinary reality. The body takes us into a direct, unedited reliving of those experiences. This is not a process of mental cogitation or speculation, this is an experience of direct knowing. This is the experience of worlds colliding, the world of ordinary reality with the world of non-ordinary reality.

As these worlds meet, so do different selves meet. The self constructed from experiences of normal reality meets the self resulting from experiences of non-ordinary reality, each isolated and unknown to the other until the moment of collision.

What just happened? Where am I?

The impact of the truths of experiences from non-ordinary reality upon our working sense of self and the world at large is deeply challenging. Suddenly we may be forced to face the fact that people we have loved and known to be good people actually violated us in horrific ways. We might also discover that things we definitely did in states of non-ordinary reality, like leaving our bodies, defy our rational grasp of the world. We might also discover that behaviors that we have engaged in for a lifetime that have led us to a sense of a deeply flawed, bad self, were actually defensive maneuvers to rearrange reality and make survival palatable.

The self of survival is not the true self. Constructed or not, flawed or not, it nonetheless is and has been the working definition of self, the familiar self, the self that has held down the fort for decades. In recapitulation that self is asked—or forced at a certain point—to take the journey to find the self locked away in non-ordinary reality. This is the ultimate journey that removes the barriers to all the truths and allows for the mergence of worlds, resulting in the full birth of the true self.

As we work our way through recapitulation, we encounter the defense of doubt—the enduring sentinel of the self of ordinary reality. I call it enduring because it is astounding how, despite a growing sense of deep knowing of experiences from non-ordinary reality, it persists in its ability to cast a long shadow over the validity of those experiences.

In a recent article from Harvard Magazine (Nov-Dec 2011) reference is made to a study that determined that repression—dissociative amnesia—is a “pseudo-neurological symptom that lacks medical or neurological basis.” The researchers conclude that repressed memory is a “culture bound symptom,” a product of 18th century Romanticism following the Age of Enlightenment. They hypothesize that the notion of repressed memory endures into our time due to its attractiveness as a dramatic device.

Studies like this show the power of doubt employed to preserve a rationally constructed world of ordinary reality. This is the kind of energy behind the concept of “false memory syndrome,” constructed to shut down forever any attempts to expose the truths of events stored from encounters with non-ordinary reality.

The old sentinel can give way to Buddha consciousness that can handle the truths of all worlds.

Doubt serves the process of recapitulation to the extent that it insists that the events of non-ordinary reality be fully experienced and fully known. However, at a certain point, it’s time for the old sentinel to put down its sword, a worthy warrior that has protected an old world so gallantly for long enough.

It’s okay, it’s time to allow the new self, the true self to be in the world, in full possession of all parts of itself, with all of its powers in hand. This is the self that can handle the truths of all worlds, an evolved self, ready to lead and fully enjoy real life!


A Day in a Life: Creating a New Reality

I wake up tired. I didn’t sleep well. In fact, I haven’t been sleeping well for days, perhaps even weeks. I really just want to fall back to sleep. I whine a little.

“I didn’t sleep all night!” I complain.

Waking from the dream

Suddenly I switch my thoughts. I remember a dream someone sent to me yesterday. A dream that came through in great clarity because the dreamer asked for something specific, “to go into the darkness.” With no greater intent than to learn something about the self, the dreamer had an experience that can only be described as magical. The dreamer did experience the personal darkness, but went far beyond that into experiencing the creation of the universe. The dreamer returned having experienced awe. And I remember how that works, how we get what we ask for, how we do in fact make our own dreams, waking or sleeping, by our intent. We don’t have to accept the reality we wake up to. We can change it.

Then I remember that I set the intent, quite a few years ago, to learn how to read energy. Now I find myself in a place where I read energy all the time. I’m steeped in it! I’ve been having experiences, in both my intimate world and the world at large, for quite a while now. I’ve been practicing, testing, and noting that I’m reading energy, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s getting a bit overwhelming. Time to change my reality!

Without rejecting what I’ve learned, but taking it to a new level, I say: “Okay, so I’ve learned to read energy. I’ve taught myself how to feel, how to energetically be open and accessible, but now I find that I need something different. I can’t spend my days caught up in the restlessness of our times, it’s too energy draining. I want a new calmer reality.”

This is where I find myself this morning. As I think back over the past several months, I realize I haven’t been sleeping well for a long time. I set the intent to be “in tune” and I became so tuned-in that I’m beginning to suffer the consequences of that intent. I must stop and remember that we get what we ask for. The thing about asking is to remember that how we receive is not up to us. Gifts from the universe come as the universe sees fit.

“Is that really what you want, Jan? Okay, here goes!” and the universe let me have it, but today I’m asking for a change.

“Thank you, but no thank you!” I got what I asked for, but I must not forget the far greater intent of the universe, and myself as a human being, is to evolve. The greater intent of the universe and of nature is to push us to a new level of higher consciousness.

I accept that my personal intent really is in alignment with that greater universal intent to evolve and so I know I must return to balance. I must stay connected to my personal intent to change without getting too drawn into what is happening outside of me. These have been the messages from infinity lately too: to learn from what is happening outside, take it inward, work it to change the self and allow that changed self to react outwardly in a new way. It’s a nice cycle of energy at work, change manifesting change. As I ponder this—both the fact that I originally asked to be connected to the universal energy and that by personally changing myself I impact everything else—I reset my thoughts for the day.

I intend to have a great day! I intend to create a new reality. I shift my thoughts. I’m not tired at all! I’m full of energy!

If we truly do believe that we get what we ask for we have to remember, each day, just what it is that we’re setting in place. Do we ask consciously for a new reality or do we unconsciously accept what comes? At 5:41 a.m., after a moment of complaint that just didn’t feel creative or in alignment with growth, I decided to approach the day differently. I decided to actively create a new personal reality. In so doing I proved that it’s possible because now, as I sit and write this blog, my energy is full of vigorous creative force. By my intent alone, I changed my personal reality.

I am a totally different person from the one who woke up a few hours ago and complained so sleepily that life wasn’t fair. Life is more than fair! It just depends on how we look at it, how we perceive it, how we intend it.

In addition, how we ask for something matters. As my dreamer noted, the intent was set to face the darkness, but it was left open-ended, allowing the universe to lead the dreamer to something important. And the universe answered in a big way. The next thing for my dreamer and for all of us to keep in mind, is that, yes, we must remember our experiences of awe, but we must also remember how it all came about. We must remember that we are in charge, that we impact our reality—we create it!

May we all keep intending, dreaming, and creating new realities. —Jan, with special thanks to my dreamer for sharing!

Readers of Infinity: Maturity Now

Maturity is called for now that truth is clearly grasped, for only in constantly returning to the truths that have been revealed through deep inner probing will one’s actions result in change.

On a universal level the messages of truth must be declared over and over again so that the universal mind does not slip back into oblivion or become overpowered by the forces that seek to squelch the rebellion.

The same is true for the personal journey. Truths revealed must not be forgotten or pushed aside in fear or horror, but must be examined, dissected, and become intricately known. In deep self-probing will one reach maturity, and in reaching maturity will one find the road leading to balance.

The world as mirror

Use the universal energy of change as fuel for personal change. Do not question the world without, without also questioning the world within. In asking those in power to be responsible and mature adults leading the world in the right direction, out of chaos and into clarity, do not neglect the same within.

Outer change and inner change must be synchronized so that true and lasting mature change can happen. Without judgment or contempt, face the disturbances that arise within and without. Accept the truths of them, and use them to face the energy of now that calls for all human beings upon the planet Earth to be awake and alert, both to the cries of the inner self and to the cries heard round the world.

There is no stopping the energy, nor is there the possibility of covering the ears against the truth. Too many avenues of revelation exist now. At every turn another issue arises. There is no recourse but to face the music. Crisis upon crisis leads to truth upon truth. As each confrontation is approached remain calmly focused on facing the true reality of the self. This is maturity in action.

Each person must now become the perfect mother and the perfect father within and without, feminine and masculine energies in balance, perfectly honed, richly experienced, and fully acknowledged. The good human mother and the good human father within must be balanced with the true animal needs of all as they take control over their own spirit’s intent to grow.

It is time to take the truths—known and revealed, as well as unknown yet simmering beneath the surface of awareness—and deal with life in a mature and responsible fashion.

Change is in the air you breathe. Will you let it invigorate you to grow or will you let it suffocate you? It’s a personal decision, as always.