Readers of Infinity: Turning Points

Our poor magnolia tree could do nothing but acquiesce as the storm arrived on October 29, 2011

Turn inward now, accepting the changes as they come. It is not time for dispute but only time for acquiescence to the inevitable, as the waning of one energy and the birth of another transitions through the turmoil of collision.

Turning points require stability.

Turning points require pragmatism.

Turning points require clarity of vision, of knowing, and of intent.

Remind the self of the intent of the seasons as well as the intent set by the self, by the inner process now in progress, as well as by the greater intent of the spirit to evolve.

Accept where you are at this moment. Accept that there is no other possibility and that until acceptance is allowed to play out there will be no change. In dispute or refusal, stagnation and sluggishness will result. Personally and universally is this true.

The time of now calls for decision making in alignment with the inevitable. Do not get stuck in self-pity, but do accept self-responsibility to change the self, down to the deepest roots where all-knowing resides.

We can learn from the trees...

Accept that you are as natural as the seasons, with the same intent at your core, driven by the same energy to keep changing.

The choice that must be made each day is either to accept and acquiesce, so the natural unfolding process may occur uninhibited, or to decide to be stubborn and resistant to that inevitable process that will occur nonetheless.

How do you want to take your journey? That is really the only choice to make in an inner decision of acceptance or resistant. Either way, the same story will play out.

But look...a new day arrives!

You will learn what you must, what you are most ready for, what is most necessary at this point, as you take each step of your personal journey. Go with the flow of it or fight against it? Your choice.

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