Readers of Infinity: Maturity Now

Maturity is called for now that truth is clearly grasped, for only in constantly returning to the truths that have been revealed through deep inner probing will one’s actions result in change.

On a universal level the messages of truth must be declared over and over again so that the universal mind does not slip back into oblivion or become overpowered by the forces that seek to squelch the rebellion.

The same is true for the personal journey. Truths revealed must not be forgotten or pushed aside in fear or horror, but must be examined, dissected, and become intricately known. In deep self-probing will one reach maturity, and in reaching maturity will one find the road leading to balance.

The world as mirror

Use the universal energy of change as fuel for personal change. Do not question the world without, without also questioning the world within. In asking those in power to be responsible and mature adults leading the world in the right direction, out of chaos and into clarity, do not neglect the same within.

Outer change and inner change must be synchronized so that true and lasting mature change can happen. Without judgment or contempt, face the disturbances that arise within and without. Accept the truths of them, and use them to face the energy of now that calls for all human beings upon the planet Earth to be awake and alert, both to the cries of the inner self and to the cries heard round the world.

There is no stopping the energy, nor is there the possibility of covering the ears against the truth. Too many avenues of revelation exist now. At every turn another issue arises. There is no recourse but to face the music. Crisis upon crisis leads to truth upon truth. As each confrontation is approached remain calmly focused on facing the true reality of the self. This is maturity in action.

Each person must now become the perfect mother and the perfect father within and without, feminine and masculine energies in balance, perfectly honed, richly experienced, and fully acknowledged. The good human mother and the good human father within must be balanced with the true animal needs of all as they take control over their own spirit’s intent to grow.

It is time to take the truths—known and revealed, as well as unknown yet simmering beneath the surface of awareness—and deal with life in a mature and responsible fashion.

Change is in the air you breathe. Will you let it invigorate you to grow or will you let it suffocate you? It’s a personal decision, as always.

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