#776 Set Intent

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

Today, I ask Jeanne for a message to begin a new work week, which I always view as a new beginning of sorts. Here is what she offers us today:

Sit quietly with the inner self each day and set an intent. Whether it be an intent to change, for life to unfold as it will, for the signs to appear to guide you, for that which is wrong to right, for that which does not feel right to resolve, let the self be open. Let the self be accepting. Let the self be humble. Let the self be aware of inner resources both known and unknown. Let the inner process guide the outer process.

Change is inevitable

Set the intent to change and grow, first. Then set the most important personal intent. Ask for guidance. Ask for your life to guide you to change so that you may flow with greater ease, with greater kindness, with greater comfort in your world. Ask these things for yourself and others, that all may find peace and calm, so that all may face the challenges that come, with awareness of the greater journey in mind.

For that is the intent you set a long time ago: to take the journey of this lifetime. You have been doing well upon your pathways as they lie at your feet, taking your steps forward. Now take each step with greater awareness and set the firm intent to change the self and the world.

This is possible. Only you can do it for yourself. Only you are in charge of change. Only you are responsible for setting your course and achieving the goals and intentions you set. Accept that and then take your next step fully facing the change that greets you and asks you to flow with it each day.

That is your other job: to learn to flow with the inevitable changes as they greet you.

Intent alone is enough to begin anew. Set your intent and then see what happens. And then find out why.

Thank you Jeanne!

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