#766 Body Language

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

I ask Jeanne for guidance on this day, the birthday of America. Here is what she advises us:

It is time now to pay attention to the signs coming from the body self, for as much as you all look for signs of spirit and pay attention to that which comes from outside to guide you, your body is really your most important guide. Once you begin to pay more attention to it you will know this.

You may think you are already quite body oriented, but most of you have taken on the doctrines and rhetoric of others and, wise and truthful though they may be, only your own body knows what is best for it.

Turn from your outer knowing now and tune into your inner knowing. Simplify your body’s needs. Pare down what you put into it and discover in so doing just how little food it really needs to survive, how little beverage and sweets it really wants, for it runs better than any manmade machine on less fuel. On this most American day, when focus is outside of the self, I ask that you do a most un-American thing and go innerly, to quietude, rather than be the extraverted type today.

It is a time of abundance yet is that abundance of inner grace and calm if you look for its silent music within. Outer abundance may now rest and this will be good for all mankind, and the world at large, if this inner awareness is paid attention to.

Happy Spirit Tree! Notice her body language? See how she throws her arms up in openness to life!

The body self, which is the focus of this message today, needs and craves inner quiet, peace, and calm. It will speak volumes to you if you let it, but I realize this may be a scary prospect for many, for in so doing the body will confront you with its truths. These may range from long held secrets and mysteries to certain ideas and thoughts, to the truths of the spirit self that are quite fantastic and unbelievable when first encountered. But I ask that you suspend your judgments, your self-criticisms, your set ideas and self-imposed limitations, and listen without fear or despair to your body self. Allow it to be your guide a little more each day.

In allowing this process of body language, you will invariably discover that you will need very little else to guide you as you make your way through life. Your body is your world, containing all that sustains and creates life, and when in balance its qualities of healing and spirit contact are unparalleled. Your personal channels of communication within and without will be open and ready for daily use as you hone their qualities and recognize their features.

You are all abundant beings. Allow yourselves to accept your abilities. You are all special in this regard, as this woman who channels me, yet is she nothing special, as she well knows. She continues to confront her issues and hone her skills just as she wishes all to do. In acceptance of the abilities available to all, she knows the possibilities are endless. But, first and foremost, she knows that one must lose the ego’s trappings, which include fears and inflations, personal attachments and desires, as well as self-judgments and self-criticisms. She knows that one must be daring to not hold back the spirit self that is trapped within the body self, asking for permission to do what it is so capable of doing.

Can you accept the truth of the body self, that it is your vehicle to everything you wish for in life? Can you release yourself from all that holds you back in life, all the fears that limit your access to your true abilities? These are the questions that one must continually ask the self if one is to evolve.

Remember: You are your body. Your body is your natural world. It asks you to pay attention to it every day. It speaks volumes. Can you hear it?

Thank you Jeanne! I leave my body when I channel her. It sits quietly and calmly, waiting for me to return my awareness to it. I am grateful for this process and thankful that I have indeed dared myself to change, to pay attention to what was going on in my inner world, my body self. Every day I see myself and the world in a far different way than I once did. I am thankful to Jeanne for all of her guidance over the past ten years. Her sound advice and gentle prodding have allowed me to change and live in a new world of greater awareness. I am thankful that I can give these messages to you each week. Thank you for being there to receive them!

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