#708 You Are In The Changing Time

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I am sitting on the deck in the early morning. I hear a bob white calling as I give you voice. What do you deem to be the most necessary message for all of us today?

My Dear Ones, do you not hear the call of your spirit, of your yearning for other life, for rich inner life, cultivated so that your true purpose may become clearer? The following guidelines must now become your focus:

1. Remain attached to your inner life and the call of your spirit, even through the turmoil of your outer life.

2. Push beyond the stagnancy that drapes itself over you and attempts constantly to pull you down into its shadowy depths.

3. Seek new air, light, and food for your soul. Nurture yourself differently, My Dears.

4. Use your superior intellect to determine a new path. Elect, with determination—choosing to go into the realm of spirit self—to release the self of the past in order to move on and grow. By this I mean, most certainly, that it is time to help the self by becoming fully responsible for all thoughts, actions, deeds, decisions, and every step you take.

5. Allow for your failures, your missteps and mistakes, and your unconscious decisions, to be acceptable and recognizable as measures of teaching and growth.

6. Do not fall prey to your old demons, but ask them to explain themselves to you in clear language, but beware: they will attempt to tell you one thing but mean another. The demons look at you through mirrors and when looking into a mirror all things are reversed, including meaning. You think, for example, that you see another looking back at you, even a familiar self, but look again. It is a stranger. It is a self you have not fully accepted yet, for it is but the reflection of a deeper self.

7. Do deep inner work as you go through this time of grand change. As I have said before: you are in the changing time now. There is no more waiting or pending of events. If you are alive upon that earth at this moment you are being shown exactly what you must do to change, to evolve, and to have a rich spiritual life.

8. Remember to keep this mantra uppermost in your thoughts as you go about your days: All things are possible; everything is possible! That must be what leads you into new life, the truth of that statement.

9. Your choice must also be whether to go into the darkness or into the light, for both exist, and life exists in both realms. All things are possible; everything is possible! What you can see and what you cannot see, all of these things, imaginable and unimaginable, are possible.

10. Do not lose sight of the possibilities of the self to change. At all times now, must you push the self to change. That is how you and your world with evolve.

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