#678 Seeds of Awareness

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

My Dear Ones, do not forget that you are the changing ones. You are the ones who have the ability to sway from the path, to choose a different route, to make new decisions outside of the natural flow of life. As nature goes so does man go is not truly meant to be how it goes. Yes, nature is what man must pay attention to in order to learn what it means to be an evolving being, but nature, in its repetitiveness, is but one teacher. The other teacher lies deeply buried inside each one of you, and that teacher is the desire of the self for new life, for new adventures, for something unknown.

Though you may often fear change, it is also the emergence of desire that creates fear. For fear would not arise is you were not being challenged to go beyond the comfortable self, the self who flows with the world as you interpret it. Today, I suggest that another energy lies deeply buried inside each of you that is different from the energy of nature as you see it and know it outside of you. As living energy you hold within something else that is not replicated in the world you see before your eyes. In the world that you see there is a limitation of process, though that world offers you the lessons in repetition that are necessary for understanding evolution, reincarnation, and growth.

You see, what I speak of today is that other aspect of man that allows for growth beyond what is presented. Each one of you has within the seeds of awareness and this is what I speak of as the catalyst for change. Your seeds of awareness lie buried until you dig them out of their bed of darkness by your intent; until you expose them to the light and urge them, with tenderness and prodding, to awaken and reach toward the light.

During your lifetime you are offered many tools that will provide the means of excavation and awakening. If you return to the world around you, living the repetitive life, turning outward for your examples of how to awaken, seeing only what is before your eyes, you will miss the true seeds of awareness within. Even nature has these properties of deep inner awareness, though you see only that which reappears in the cycle of life on the outside. Your human eyes take in only what lies before you, but your eyes of awareness see far more.

Your seeds of awareness must now become your new eyes of seeing. In order to evolve, a new process of growth must become your means of living. I ask that you break through your darkness, past the fear that arises to keep you conformed, and allow what lies beneath your fear to emerge and access the light of new energy. Your seeds of awareness may be very well known to you or they may be completely unknown. Perhaps you have glimpsed them, the urgings at your core, at your heart, and your deepest desires. Perhaps you have never noticed them as such, but something inside you tells you they exist. You are all creatures of nature, of the natural world, the natural process of birth and death, as you see it played out before you in nature and in the human physical living and dying cycles. But there is so much more that is being missed.

I know that even the word fear presents more fear. Everyone is afraid. But fear is the catalyst to change. If you can face your fears as they arise, question them, break through them to what is lying beneath them, the negative fears will turn to positive energy and your seeds of awareness will begin to sprout. Fear is the recapitulation companion waiting to take you on your inner journey. If you can begin to see fear as your greatest ally, your new journey beyond repetition, to access the self as energy, will begin.

You see, your seeds of awareness are the energy body, the self as comprised of energy alone, without physical composition and form, completely free. But fear must be burst apart for true energy to be accessed and released. Fear blocks access, as the dark earth blocks the seed from the light. How then does the seed emerge each spring from the dark earth? Sheer energy! And that is what you also have inside you, the sheer energy of life to continually re-emerge, to re-challenge itself to face the darkness, to burst through the fear and reach toward the light. That is the metaphor that nature offers each one of you.

Access your seeds of awareness by going into the inner darkness and bring forth into your lives your most precious selves, your energy selves. Allow your true energy to explore the world around you and you might begin to experience it differently. Life is meant to be challenging in order for you to wake up one day and determine that, yes, there must be more to life than that which I see before my eyes. And what is that for you? What are you missing?

The seeds of awareness are golden seeds. Keep that in mind as you seek them. They hold the light you will need as you make the journey into your darkness. They are awareness itself. They are energy and truth. They are you.

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