#648 The Voice of Kindness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I am going to ask you again to give us one word of advice, a third word of guidance as we do our inner work. What is the next thing of most importance for us to consider?

Be KIND to the self as you do your inner work. It is appropriate when doing inner work to take it seriously, to push the self to go beyond your limitations, and to ask the self to be strong and persistent, but it is also imperative that you treat the self with kindness.

In offering kindness to the self you allow for something else to begin to grow within, and that something is love. Love is your ultimate goal: love of self, of your environment, of your life, and of all that it encompasses. Begin learning about true love with conscious measures of kindness, directed at the self.

Your usual critical voices underlying or overriding your thoughts, desires, and attempts at change must be silenced, pushed aside and overridden by another voice underlying those old favorites, those old voices that you know so well. Call this underlying voice “the voice of kindness” and ask it to whisper its words of encouragement and praise, of note and worthiness, of love and compassion to you, My Dear Ones. Allow it to speak of you, for you, and about you in the terms that you desire from another. Allow the voice of kindness to gently and softly whisper in your ear its heart-centered words of wisdom and truth, of knowing and hope. It does not intend you harm but only to tell you some long -buried secrets of the self that you have not dared to accept or even entertain.

The voice of kindness within is your most central balancing voice, the one that can pull you out of your deepest despair, your loneliest moments, and your most desperate hours. It is the voice of connection to all things, to Self, to God, to Universal Love, to all things, no matter what you choose to call your greater universe.

You must find this voice of kindness within the self or you will not grow. You must listen to what it says or you will not change. You must trust it or you will not evolve. You must allow it to speak clearly and lovingly or you will not gain the perfect balance that you so desire.

Ground your self next in this inner voice of kindness. Its tone may be loud and brassy, calling to you quite clearly. Its tone may be soft and whispery, or it may be mumbling and sleepy, as yet not quite awake. It may be so far distant that it is but an echo on the breeze or a murmur of something that you recognize but can’t quite place. It may be nearby or far away, within reach or difficult to access, but either way you must find this voice within in order to truly change.

This is my advice for today: Know that the voice of kindness exists inside you and intend now to allow it to be part of your life. Invite it to participate. Ask it to speak to you, even as you ask me and your other guides to speak. It knows us well. It will answer. You just have to listen for its special approach, its personally significant characteristics that belong to you alone, though it speaks the universal language of love: all compassionate, interconnected and energetically bound.

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