A Day in a Life: Everything will be all right!

I found this quote from Jeanne among my papers, from February 2004. I think it goes very nicely with today’s message of being kind to the self:

Stop trying to figure everything out. You know what you need to do. Face the fear and expel it by allowing for things to happen. Allow the magic to happen. It is all around you. Be open to it. Listen and you will hear it. Be quiet and still and you will feel it. Go deeper and you will find the answers. Everything you need is inside you.

At the time, Jeanne was encouraging me to trust my experiences of inner work, to keep going deeper, to trust the messages I got, that they were leading me where I needed to go. The words still ring true. The journey never stops, we just get to new levels if we dare ourselves to go beyond our limitations, if we keep moving. The same truths and guidance that I paid attention to six years ago still work now, in fact they will always work. The challenge is to remember our experiences so we can dare ourselves to keep having more of them, without fear. As Jeanne always said to me in my darkest moments: Don’t worry, Jan, everything will be fine, everything will be all right.

Don’t worry, Dear Readers, everything will be fine, everything will be all right!

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