A New Link & A Good Book to Read on a Snowy Day

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages and Fellow Journeyers,

We have added a link to our website that we consider to be in keeping with an evolutionary journey. The Other Yoga/Union Yoga offers classes in Svaroopa® Yoga and a very unique body-oriented therapy called Embodyment® Therapy. Check them out by clicking on the Links button in the top menu bar.

Today is a cold and snowy day in the Northeast. If you haven’t read The Book of Us yet, you might like to snuggle up with this good book as the snow piles up outside. The free PDF file is available by clicking on our Store button in the top menu bar. The PDF file can be read on screen, or printed, if you prefer that method. The Book of Us chronicles the 30-year relationship between Chuck and Jeanne Ketchel and the journey they took together in this world. That journey is followed by channeled messages from Jeanne relating her experiences in dying, discovery of how her new life as pure energy works, and how she reconnected to this world.

We continue to offer you the guidance we receive from this most gracious and enlightening source, and we invite and urge you to help spread these messages, and The Book of Us, in whatever way feels most appropriate to you. As Jeanne instructs in her message of today, it is possible for a shift in consciousness to take place if we dare to speak out.

I will continue to channel and send these messages out into the world for as long as I am able. That is my commitment to aiding in this evolutionary shift that is so badly needed. By passing along these messages you are helping me, and Jeanne, and her group, in this effort that is so necessary. Thank you so much for your participation in this endeavor.

My Warmest Regards to All of You,
Jan Ketchel

#254 Acquiesce a Little Bit Each Day to the Desires of Your Spirit

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Yes, of course I do! Now is a time to remain in vigilant awareness, as I said. Yet is it also a time to leap forward now, as the energy has shifted and rolled into a new phase. This time ahead is ebullient, with good energy, ready for the taking and the asking, if you so choose, and if you dare to participate in it.

I do not advocate blindly leaping forward, as you well know, but I do advise making a concerted effort to continue your forward growth, staying not only on your path, but making some big changes now. These times of supportive change come up again and again; and if you decided to stay a safer course last time this energy appeared, so do you now have a new chance to engage it differently. But, as always, engage this bubbly, exciting, and forward thrusting energy with calm, steady pragmatism, keeping your self moving in a direction that makes sense for you, but also offers you something new. Of course, whatever that something new is, must it resonate deeply with your inner spirit, for that is the journey you are on, a journey of spirit. Do not harbor fears now, but acquiesce a little bit each day to the desires of your spirit for growth.

Look outside of you for reciprocal desire, recognizing in the world’s events that there is a movement, and an energy, that seeks great and daring change now, and know that the energetic sweep that bubbles and invites participation now is extremely supportive of such change. Align your self with this desire for change, but do so in alignment with your inner spirit, rather than your eager ego.

The ego loves such energy as is now present. It finds it enticing, and it finds it very tasty; yet is the ego not the proper leader at this time. The ego must temper down its eagerness, and wait patiently while the inner self seeks proper resonance, and makes the right decisions now.

What will happen if the ego overpowers or tricks the inner spirit?

Well, what do you think will happen? There will be delay, perhaps sadness at a missed opportunity. But as you know, there is always another chance to shift back power to the inner self. Each day, each moment in every day in fact, is there the possibility of shifting to the inner self and beginning to allow that aspect of the journeying self to become the guide.

In spite of the ego’s strength, most of you will soon find that the way of the ego is not quite satisfying. After a while you’ll discover that the ego takes the same roads over and over again, rarely tiring of reenacting its antics, traversing the same territory, often going in circles, or simply sitting down and staying in one place for long periods of time. This gets boring for the inner spirit after a while. Then is it the inner spirit who must shift the stubborn ego out of the way and take over.

If you find your self in this position, do not feel ashamed or give your self remonstrance, but accept the fact that the ego has been in control for a long time and is simply doing what it does best, sidetracking you, or pushing you in a direction that may not be totally wrong, but also may not be totally right.

There is a great need now for shifts toward the inner spirit to be made in order for the world to shift into a new alignment with a new path of good, of evolutionary growth, and acceptance of all beings as equal, as stubbornly struggling to assert the inner guide, and as properly seeking resonance within themselves and with the world outside of themselves. In order to truly love and value all human life, and the journeys of all living things, must a new acceptance of life as an evolutionary journey become more acceptable.

It is not quite the norm yet, but with these messages, and the many messages coming to you from my companion guides, is there the possibility for shift. But these, and other messages that place the evolutionary journey solely upon the individual, must be allowed to spread. If others who read my messages discover that they have connection with spirit guides offering advice that is part of this shift in consciousness, now is the time for you to be brave, and speak out about your own connection with guidance of universal appeal and necessity.

This energy supports such resonant inner spirit connection, now more fully than ever before. So I urge all who have even an inkling of connection, even the bud of a beginning of it to speak out now, and cultivate a new awareness of this kind of thread of possibility. In exclaiming its existence, do you offer others the ability, the daring, to open their own mouths and speak up about their own experiences.

Do not be afraid. For even as this woman, Jan, who does channel Jeanne, one day dared to speak, so must others do the same in order to spread the evolutionary messages that are now so needed, and also so desired. Become a part of this new awareness, and by your own daring open your inner spirit to further growth, and a new world will begin to open before you. As you dare, so will you see just how many are out there seeking such resonance of spirit, and of connection with all that is infinite and all that is offered.

There is so much available to you beyond that world, but it is only available if you dare to take the leap. Continue the good work you do upon the self. For no matter what choices you make now, must your inner work be uppermost in your tasks at hand to complete. For without completing your journey this time must you return to complete it again; and that, My Dears, would not be the best choice to make. Far better to dare to take the leap into the self, and complete that even before you speak up about your connections with other worlds, for that is the most important task of the individual journey.

Can both be done at the same time, the inner work, while still speaking about connection? Actually, I guess that’s a pretty stupid question. I can answer that one myself.

Of course you can! For you do it daily. The work on the inner self never stops, for then would your personal evolution stop. And yes, you can do this channeling work and the work on the self, for they go quite nicely hand in hand. But if the work on the inner self has not begun in earnest, then is it necessary to dig deeply in order to discover where to align the spirit, and where to speak out. So your question is not stupid at all, Jan.

If the inner spirit has not been heard yet, if the inner voice has been ignored and kept muffled, then is it not certain that connection has truly been achieved. Certainty of connection must be established, and perfect inner resonance with that connection must be felt, in a manner that is totally recognizable as not only right, but good for the inner self, and for all of mankind.

Perfect connection gives guidance that is universal, appropriate for each individual; and requires participation, decision making, and asks for the inner spirit to constantly take on the job of growth. No other guide can make your choices, or become your godhead, this must you take on your self. By godhead I mean, no guide should become your focus, for then are you not doing the work of the self, but attaching your self to another, and that would be debilitating, to say the least. Proper guides require that you do the work, yet do they aid you as you stumble and learn, and they offer proper assistance only when needed.

So, all in all, as I have said, the energy of now will support daring of this sort, bravery in speaking out about universal connection with spirit guides who offer the opportunity for evolutionary growth in an individual, spirit-centered manner.

I urge all of you to continue your deep inner work. If you are not sure what this means, so is there much help available upon that Earth plane, as well as in other worlds. Seek help when you need it. Plenty of people do the work of the self every day, questioning, and seeking, and learning their lessons. This has been going on for eons, and many great seekers have left their journeys laid out for study. Others work in that modern world, aiding and guiding as they take their own journeys. You are always welcome to seek guidance when you need it. But as always, remember, you must take your own journey. You must do your own work. You must trust your journey, and you must not hide from your truths, for they will lead you along your path and present you with your new direction.

Good luck, My Fine Traveling Companions. Be brave and thoughtful as you engage in this time of exciting growth. And don’t worry, you can’t do anything wrong; for no matter what choice you make will it be the right one, until you make the next one after that, always shifting and looking, looking for the proper path. It is always right in front of you. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you discern it by your “seeing” and your “knowing” of your inner resonant self? These are your challenges, but they are challenges of evolution and spirit growth.

#253 Vigilance is the Word for Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Watch now the signs before you. Now that the culmination of energies has impacted, it is time to watch for signs of fallout, and promises of growth. Beware of the desire to fall back into old ways now that the push of energy does not exert itself. Watch your back for what sneaks up to overtake you, but also stay focused forward on growth and enlightenment.

The energy now shifts to a quieter complacency, and does hover about your knowing in a different manner, not so intrusively, nor so blatantly striking out at you as you journey. With quieter energy is there a tendency to decline offers made, such as intuitive knowing and seeing, that seek to lead you toward fulfillment. So I suggest that now is the time to keep awake, aware, and alert, or you risk falling back into slumber, especially after such energetic turbulence as has most recently kept you on your toes.

Vigilance is the word for today. Remain vigilant. Do not forget for a moment that you are a seeker, a journeyer, and an astute student of the meaning of life upon that earth. Learn your lessons continually and you will do well. Otherwise do you risk slowing your progress greatly, and that would be a shame after all that you have weathered through.

Do not allow the veils to fall over your eyes again, but continually sweep them away. Keep your inner and your outer vision clear of debris and of old thoughts, ideas, and constructs that desire your focus. Remain focused instead on all that you have learned about awareness, and the meaning of signs and synchronicities in your life. Remain fixated on learning more about how energy works and the greater connections being offered.

I stress this fixation now because as the energy turns and rolls into a new pattern so is there always the possibility that all that you have learned will be rolled under, and sink now to the bottom of the ocean of energy, sunken treasure that you lose sight of, when in fact you must fill your pockets of knowing and awareness with all that you have learned, and swim upward, staying upon the waves, riding them forward, with your awareness keen, out to the greater, wider ocean of awareness where more treasures await.

These treasures are the treasures of knowing, seeing, trusting, and seeking truth and meaning; while at the same time remaining open to possibility, connection, and knowing that your journey is aided and your evolution desired, not only by you, but by those of us who seek connection to you as well.

Find your self firmly upon your path today. And as the backlash of energy does sweep past you, remain with your head above the waves, and keep your eyes clear and free of all that seeks to wash over your head and pull you back into the deep. Such energy as that always makes a last attempt to capture and steal your energetic awareness; and believe me, today is no different. No matter how much you have recently learned about how energy works are you never impervious to such force. Watch the ego. Keep its enthusiasm in balance with your inner knowing. Protect both of them, and the balance you have achieved, for this it at risk too. Be humble, but be brave. Be aware, but be strong warriors. Flow with the new energy, but fight the old. Open your self to connection at all times, but avoid interception by the old ways that also seek your tasty energy.

You know what to do. I know there is a lot to keep awake, alive, and fresh in your knowing, but that is what life is all about, especially if you are finally understanding the truth of that life upon Earth. It is of utmost importance that your awareness of destiny never wavers, and that you stay focused on evolutionary growth. As you have selected this path, be aware that you are one of the tastiest bits of energy around, and the feeders love to trick you, and get their nibs into you, siphoning as much of your delectable dew as possible before you notice.

So stay alert, aware, and trust your journey. No matter what happens, are you truly on an amazing journey forward into infinity, if you choose. Good Luck!

#252 Direct Positive Energy Outward into the Turmoil Before Turning Inward

Dear Jeanne,
What can we look forward to today?

Remain focused on your journey, and your inner experience, even as the world around you does energetically speed up. Look not outward at the contention, the upsets, and the turmoil that the energy of now does stir up, but remain innerly focused. For even as the energy does have great bearing upon the events taking place in your world, so is it your job to do the work of the self. Even as you are pulled outward to do what you must in order to fix that world and change its path, so remain always centered on what is right. Do not get drawn into battle. Do not get pulled apart at the seams over the possibilities and probabilities, nor torn apart by what is happening upon that great Earth. Instead remain focused on what is right, what is good, with positive intent.

Though unhappiness may appear to prevail at this time, so is it most likely that any turn of events is necessary. For that Earth is a learning ground, and though it may appear quite clear and appropriate that one road must be taken in order for evolution upon that Earth to truly begin to make headway, so is it highly probable that lessons have not yet been learned. Whatever outcomes result from the many upsets and changes being thrust upon you, or those around you, or around the globe, so is it necessary to learn the lessons presented. Until they are fully learned, and done with, will change not happen.

So look today but briefly at the tumultuous events of the world around you, but then go innerly with your own lessons reflected in this outer turmoil. Do not get drawn outward into that energy, though it pulls and tugs at you. Do what you must to appease your sense of rightness and justice, and direct positive energy outward into the turmoil, before turning inward and saving the greater part of your energy for inner work.

And remember, no matter how events unfold, so are the results, the outcomes perfectly right, even though they may not at first appear so. As I have said before, until lessons are learned will they be continually presented in a myriad of ways, until each individual takes on the work of true evolutionary growth.

Place yourself now in the hands of your own energetic journey. Feel what is right for you to be doing now during this time of upheaval. Find your inner calm, and your inner focus. Grab on to it, and turn your concerns toward that work now. For it is the greatest work to accomplish, and the best way to affect the world at large. If many more of you did the work of the inner self to completion, so would the outer world truly change. It is not so far-fetched as many think, nor is it really that difficult to accomplish.

No matter what your inner issues may be, so are they possible to solve and resolve. Nothing is impossible. No matter how many excuses you may come up with to scare you away from your inner work, so look at the crumbling world around you and realize that your own life, both inner and outer, must not be allowed to deteriorate to such a state of decay and loss of direction.

Reassert your self firmly upon your path. Use this vital energy to do two things. First, send out good intent upon the waves of energy that swirl up discontent, tempering them with positive, calm overriding energy, asking for sobriety, compassion, and nonjudgmental focus to lay upon the energy that stirs up emotion and unsettling behavior, seeking change in a new direction. Do this first. Then turn inward after you have energetically done your part to participate in the world’s need for change, and return to the work on the self. In this manner will you begin to counter the outer energy with good intentions, doing your part with concern for all mankind. But then it is necessary for all to turn inward and question the meaning of this worldly upheaval for the inner journey. What does it mean to me that the world is asking for such change? Why is there resistance to such badly needed change? What does that tell me about myself and my own life? Am I resisting? Why?

Everything will turn out as it should turn out. Life will go on. Lessons need to be learned in order for evolutionary growth. What are my lessons that I am not learning yet?

Allow your inner journey to begin taking you where you need to go. Acquiesce to the signs in your life, reading the outer energy for your inner journey’s sake. Step into a new world now; for no matter what happens, is the world about to change. What about your world? It will be new too, but will you allow it? Will you flow with the changes, or keep resisting? Make it easy on your self. You will get where you need to go, whether you allow or resist. It’s up to you how you choose to make the journey. Do what is right. Use your energy wisely. Stay focused on growth. Remain in calm inner balance, even as you take on your greatest challenges and your most unpleasant tasks. The energy is good now, in spite of all warnings to the contrary; it just depends on how you choose to use it. Good Luck, My Dear Ones. See what happens!

#251 Find Always Your Passion for Your Journey

Dear Jeanne,
What can we expect today?

Abide by the rules of a seeking life, focusing always on your next step, but remaining contemplative and questioning of the meaning of now. Your journey is of utmost importance, but remain aware of the lessons presented to you daily. Do your homework. Discover the meaning of your everyday encounters with stumbling blocks, and with ancient energies that rise up in you and ask to finally be acknowledged and dealt with. For your journey to be complete must you address unfinished business from your past, your most recent past still slumbering in memory, and from your past lives still waiting to be reconciled.

This is your greatest accomplishment to engage and to decipher as each new day arises, and as energies do point out to you what you must learn about your soul and about your ancientness. Find always your passion for your journey, but find it for purposes of completion and evolution. By this I mean, complete your earth bound lifetimes, and seek to evolve to new levels of awareness. Though many consider life upon that earth to be the one and only learning ground, so is this not so. And it is not impossible for ANY one of you to evolve beyond it, though it has often been presented as only accomplishable by the most spiritually enlightened. That is just not so, nor is it a place to linger too long thinking about, for then does one either become inflated or dismissive, and neither of those traits will aid you in evolving. The only way to evolve is to do the work of the Self. This is what all enlightened humans have discovered; and it is not restricted to a chosen few, but is available to all.

The only thing evolution requires is awareness, openness to the possibility of all things, and a genuine desire to grow. But it also involves daring; and the determination to view life in a different manner, with detachment and focus on the journey, without being caught by the wants and desires of the big baby, the big ego, and the negative energies that seek to feed off such stagnant energy.

To lead a seeking life is to evolve to a place of detachment that is all-encompassing. By this I mean truly being at a place of growth, inner growth, without being drawn to stay caught by negative energies that prefer your energy to stay committed to the trappings of that world. Seek instead a new balance, fraught with detachment, but filled with love and compassion for all living creatures. Humbly walk your path, neither special nor unspecial, but simply learning as you go, looking always for what is right, and learning to love all others for the journeys they make, whether beside you, or far away. For all of you are creatures of grand energy that desires evolutionary completion.

So today, do stay fixated on your journey as you seek detachment from the energy of turmoil that does still seek to feed off your vital energy and satiate itself. This may be on a personal level, or this may be outside of you, teasing both your inner contemplation outward, or presenting you with promises of ego-boosting better left untouched. Watch your inner process. See where the energy seeks to draw you. Remind your self often that you are leading a seeking life, that progress involves that world only as far as what lessons you must learn in order to proceed to the next level. Allow the ego to be present for what you need to make your way and live a balanced life, but do not allow the ego to be too eager, for then will your inner you suffer delay in progress.

I know this is a lot to process. But while the energy does swirl in such hungry state, as now, is it best to offer you much to contemplate in order to avoid its hungry jaws. Stay calm and balanced, sensitive to others, but remain present on your own journey at all times and you will do well through these next few days of continued turmoil. In the end all will settle down, and as the dust clears you will see that you are exactly where you should be. That is how life works! Enjoy the wonder of it, even as you wander on your path and contemplate all that you are given and all that you are asked to utilize now, as your awareness does open to new possibilities and new opportunities. Much is there to aid you. Do you notice?