A New Link & A Good Book to Read on a Snowy Day

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages and Fellow Journeyers,

We have added a link to our website that we consider to be in keeping with an evolutionary journey. The Other Yoga/Union Yoga offers classes in Svaroopa® Yoga and a very unique body-oriented therapy called Embodyment® Therapy. Check them out by clicking on the Links button in the top menu bar.

Today is a cold and snowy day in the Northeast. If you haven’t read The Book of Us yet, you might like to snuggle up with this good book as the snow piles up outside. The free PDF file is available by clicking on our Store button in the top menu bar. The PDF file can be read on screen, or printed, if you prefer that method. The Book of Us chronicles the 30-year relationship between Chuck and Jeanne Ketchel and the journey they took together in this world. That journey is followed by channeled messages from Jeanne relating her experiences in dying, discovery of how her new life as pure energy works, and how she reconnected to this world.

We continue to offer you the guidance we receive from this most gracious and enlightening source, and we invite and urge you to help spread these messages, and The Book of Us, in whatever way feels most appropriate to you. As Jeanne instructs in her message of today, it is possible for a shift in consciousness to take place if we dare to speak out.

I will continue to channel and send these messages out into the world for as long as I am able. That is my commitment to aiding in this evolutionary shift that is so badly needed. By passing along these messages you are helping me, and Jeanne, and her group, in this effort that is so necessary. Thank you so much for your participation in this endeavor.

My Warmest Regards to All of You,
Jan Ketchel